2018: Ria’s Year in Review



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After turning 30, the only way to go was up for Ria.

A year marked by major growth, 2018 was all about expansions, partnerships, face-lifts and growing our happy client base.

To welcome the last stretch of the decade, we wanted to recap those moments that made us truly proud.

But most of all, we want to express our gratitude to those who continue placing their trust in us.

We start 2019 with a network of 361,000 locations in 149 countries, and that is all thanks to you.

Closed deals

Ria has been evolving nonstop, and last year we placed a strong focus on our digital expansion.

We joined forces with the Mauritius Post, the highest ranked in Africa, helping its postal offices reach international technology standards. Our services are available at seven post offices around the archipelago, most of which are in Port Louis.

We also partnered with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to bring secure and cost-efficient money transfer services to the communities of Burundi. Currently, our network is enabled through Burundi’s national postal service, Regie Nationale des Postes (RNP) for payout.

Our branding skills were also off the charts, as was our retail expansion year-round. We had a lot of fun opening up more than 35 stores worldwide, including our first store in Argentina.

We even got into Cricket, becoming the presenting partner of the Melbourne Renegades Champions League and sponsor of the host team.


But of course, success doesn’t come from expansion alone. We measure our value based on how our clients perceive our service.

Thankfully, the positive reception is equal wherever we go.

In the United States, we were recognized by the Red Cross and the city of Buena Park, California for our fundraising efforts.

Senior Philanthropy Officer Pamela Stone presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the American Red Cross and Buena Park Mayor Virginia Vaughn granted us a Certificate of Recognition for our community involvement and philanthropic contributions.

At the “Premios Empresa Social” (Social Business Awards) that took place in Spain, Ria won “Best Social Insertion Project of Employment in the Financial Sector.”

The award recognized Ria’s labor inclusion undertaking, exemplified by our hands-on program for marginalized groups. In collaboration with Fundación Cepaim and CaixaBank, we hosted ten students at our offices, six of which ended up joining the company after completing 200 work hours.

To close off the year, we attended Samahang Ilokano International Spain Chapter 04303’s ten-year anniversary, a Philippine association seeking to help fellow Filipinos settle in Spain.

Our European team was presented with a certificate of appreciation for our “continued support and leadership.”

Welcoming 2019

It is our honest wish that this new year proves to be an excellent one for all our readers, and that you’re here celebrating with us in 2020.

We look forward to all the challenges and opportunities to come and to serving our customers and partners with the same excellent service they’ve grown accustomed to.

In 2019, we still give you more.


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