4th July Travel Ideas

Independence Day is just around the corner. While most of us like to spend the day with family, firing up the crackers and eating some apple pie, there are other ways to enjoy this holiday. Whether you are with friends or with family, why not celebrate America by seeing some of its most beautiful spots? Make the most of this vacation by traveling to some of the best locations in your beloved country. Our travel plans will help you have a fun and exciting Independence Day with your loved ones.

1-    Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Smokey Mountains in Southern Tennessee are simply breathtaking, and you cannot go wrong with this vacation spot. To experience the real beauty of the South in all its glory, Blackberry Farm is the best place to stay at. With its fresh award-winning cuisine, locally crafted whisky, the out of this world beauty and its remoteness, Blackberry Farm is a pretty perfect spot for an Independence Day vacation.

The farm and the nearby locals have their own fireworks on 4th of July, and with the Smokey Mountains as a backdrop, you couldn’t ask for a perfect vacation! You could even make it a mini-honeymoon getaway! If you’re enjoying the single just head on down South to treat yourself!

2-    Sonoma Valley, California

If you want a luxurious weekend away, Sonoma Valley in Northern California is the best place to celebrate 4th of July. Quieter than its neighbor Napa, Sonoma has the wine, the peace and the luxuries. You can enjoy scrumptious food from Michelin-starred restaurants, spoil yourself in world-class spas and whale-watch off the Pacific coast! If you are looking for some ‘me-time’ this 4th of July, Sonoma Valley is the perfect spot for you.

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3-    Watch Hill, Rhode Island

For a truly iconic 4th of July celebration, head to Watch Hill on Rhode Island. The best place to stay is, of course, the multi-storied and exclusive Ocean House. Staying here you will have the best view in the world: a stretch of greenery leading to crashing waves.

There is a private beach as well for the guests, so it is a completely safe space for children as well. Spend some quality time with your family, make new friends, and enjoy a gourmet meal or a picnic at the beach: Watch Hill has it all!

4-    Lake Powell

At Lake Powell, you can get a desert and an oasis. Located on the border of Arizona/Utah, Lake Powell is the fun vacation that won’t blow a hole in your budget. You can even visit famous nearby destinations like Horseshoe Bend. But the night of the 4th should definitely be spent on water for a spectacular show of the fireworks. This is definitely a vacation that kids will also enjoy as well.

5-    Imperial Beach, San Diego

If you want a more exciting and crowded 4th of July, then Imperial Beach in San Diego is a good choice. Imperial is relatively quieter than Mission Beach, but it is just as beautiful as any of Southern California’s beaches and has a lot of amenities and fun activities to offer. You can still see the amazing fireworks from Imperial Beach, but you won’t have to deal with a noisy drunk crowd, so bonus!

4th of July is a great opportunity for everyone to get away and have some fun. All you need for this mini-vacation is an itinerary, your travel essentials and you are good to go! As always, carrying money is not an issue because you can just rely on Ria Money Transfer. Happy Independence!