5 Tips From Financial Experts on How and When To Invest

Finding the best ways to grow your money so you and your family can prosper is important. We’ve put together this list of investment tips compiled from experts with their own skin in the game. When you need to send an international money transfer to kickstart an investment, their helpful and friendly staff is always ready to assist, so you don’t have to limit your investment strategy to just one market.


  1. 2018 Is the Year for Long-Term Thinking


Market volatility picked up in 2017, and the experts at U.S. News and World Report are predicting that volatility will keep increasing in 2018. That means you will want to make sure you don’t move into any investments that you will want to move out of again quickly. Volatility decreases the predictability of markets, leading to situations where risks are hard to determine and increasing the chances of “spoiler” events that make identifying trends difficult, too.


Instead, keep your money in long-term investments that you can count on to weather the storm. You can make new investments, but they need to be made with long-term thinking behind them. Find stocks, bonds, and other vehicles you can count on to weather volatility. That way, any short-term losses in value will be compensated by predictable long-term resilience.


  1. Diversify Internationally


You can use Ria Money Transfer to move funds into investment accounts in international markets, or you can easily coordinate with friends and family members to get help investing abroad. When you need to send money abroad, our staff makes it easy. That’s why you should use this time to find investments abroad you can count on to weather any market volatility. While stock market volatility is going to affect global trading, investing in new business ventures outside the stock market can provide a stabilizing influence on your portfolio, and looking internationally increases your opportunities.


  1. Stay in Stocks


Experts such as Verdence Capital Advisers’ director of portfolio strategy are predicting that the U.S. bond market likely peaked in July 2016 after a decade-long bull run. That means investing in bonds at the current time is likely to lead to decreased returns over stock investments, even with the volatility in the market. This is because the Federal Reserve is expected by many experts to tighten monetary policy this year according to U.S. News and World Report.


  1. Start Out as Soon as You Can


For those who are just starting to build wealth, it’s important to remember that regular investing is the key to success. Even if you can only set aside small amounts, building the habit is what you need to do to build your wealth. Given the choice between paying early on loans and investing, one should consider the rate of return. If your investment will earn more than the loan interest costs, then investment is a better choice than early repayment. If you think you can’t begin investing until you pay off student loans or other debts, keep this fact in mind.


  1. Remember the Cost of Banking and Money Transfer Fees


Whether you are sending money online to contribute to your investment goals or you’re just trying to help friends and family, it’s important to remember there are transaction costs to consider, and they affect your investment’s bottom line. That’s why you need to work with professionals who provide a great service while keeping those bottom-line costs reasonable. Ria Money Transfer’s policy of providing prompt service with predictable costs to send money online and internationally makes it easy for you to keep these costs calculated so you understand how your money is working for you.