5 Unexpected Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Her Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea, you’re not alone. Many people have a hard time coming up with unique ideas for Mother’s Day, and the majority fall back on predictable gift options. In 2017, a Mother’s Day survey revealed that more than 65 percent of Americans planned to purchase flowers for their mothers and wives that year. More than 45 percent revealed plans to purchase gift cards as well. While these predictable presents were most likely received with appreciation, why not surprise the women in your life with more thoughtful and unusual presents this year? Here are five unexpected Mother’s Day gift ideas that will give you inspiration.


  1. Cash


Cold, hard cash may seem like an insensitive present, but for many women it’s the most preferred gift option. Gifting cash makes it easy for the recipient to buy what she really wants for Mother’s Day. If you live far away from your mother, you can send the money via Ria Money Transfer to make sure it reaches her safely and in time for Mother’s Day.


  1. Spa Day


Many women have a hard time spending time and money on themselves, even when they really need it. If your mother or wife seems a little frazzled, why not give her a much-deserved respite from the stress of daily life by presenting her with a relaxing, pre-paid spa day? After being pampered for a day, she’ll feel rejuvenated and better prepared to tackle the demands of daily life.


  1. Breakfast in Bed


Serving breakfast in bed to the special woman in your life is a thoughtful gift that doesn’t require a lot of money. Plan to wake up earlier than usual on Mother’s Day to work your culinary magic in the kitchen while she’s fast asleep. Remember that presentation is everything when it comes to serving breakfast in bed, so make the extra effort to create an attractive display. Adding a small vase of flowers or a sprinkle of rose petals to the serving tray can turn your small gesture into an impressive romantic demonstration. Little details mean a lot when it comes to sentimental gifts.


  1. Vacation


If you’re looking for a gift idea that will give you some serious brownie points, plan a vacation for your wife or mother. She’ll probably be thrilled no matter where you send her, but a Mexico vacation is one of the more affordable options you can choose. Whether you choose to go with her or send her off with some of her best girlfriends, you can’t go wrong. If she runs out of money while she’s there or wants a little extra for souvenirs, you can quickly and easily send money to Mexico through Ria Money Transfer.


  1. Memory Book


Is your mother, wife or mother-in-law sentimental? If so, the best gifts are always those that require forethought and sensitivity. According to a survey from RetailMeNot, nearly 60 percent of moms want a gift that’s sentimental. Putting together a memory book is a guaranteed way to make her day. If you’re creative and crafty, you can put together your own memory scrapbook the old-fashioned way and arrange old photos in a scrapbook. Prefer an easier option? There are websites that do the hard work for you. Just upload your pictures, arrange them how you want, add the finishing touches and have someone else create your picture book for you.


Make this the year you’re fully prepared for Mother’s Day with a gift that will touch her heart. Whether you’re shopping for the woman who gave you life or the woman who bore your children, consider brightening her day with one of these five unique gift ideas. To get the job done quickly and easily if your mother or wife is far away, go with a simple money transfer online through Ria.