About the Ria Blog

The Ria Blog is Ria Money Transfer’s blog. Ria Money Transfer’s business objective is to provide an easy to use, reliable and secure money transfer service to everyone around the world. There are many things involved in sending money. It is not simply transferring money from point A to point B. To many people, that event of sending money has involved hard work, sacrifices, dreams, even tears. Also joy, success and accomplishments. The Ria team works hard to find ways to make money transfer an easy, stress-free and overall great experience for our customers, both senders and receivers.

The Ria Blog is an extension of that objective. Many of our customers worked hard for that money they send, so we provide articles and blog that promote financial knowledge. In addition, many of our customers are immigrants, or people working away from home and families, so many of the topics we write about are those that might be useful and helpful to them.

If you have a topic in mind that you think might be a good fit here, let us know by filling our contact form below.


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