Best Countries to Work In

In an ideal world, you have the perfect balance between work, family and leisure. Many of us feel like we don’t have that balance. If you feel this way it might be time to look into finding a job in a different country. A different country might mean a much more balanced life, a better job, or perhaps just a better working and living environment.


These are 6 of the world’s top countries to live and work in. Some are more focused on career while others are better for raising children.


Hong Kong


Hong Kong is fairly independent from Mainland China and functions almost as an independent economy with its own laws and business. Expat salaries tend to be high in Hong Kong and the living costs correspond well with salaries. There is also a very large amount of expats living in Hong Kong, making for a strong community of expats.


Although the living circumstances and city infrastructure are modern, the amount of space available to each person is smaller than in most places in the world. You’ll have to settle for an apartment instead of a house. Hong Kong is a good city for someone looking to work hard. The work-life balance tends to lean towards work. It’s perfect for someone who will be leaving their family back home and moving abroad to make money to send back.




Perhaps exactly the opposite of Hong Kong, Thailand is ideal for someone looking for a good work-life balance. It ranks high in the world for living experience, weather and accommodation. Because Thailand is considered a cheap country to visit, expats working and living here earn good salaries in reference to the cost of living.


There are many places to spend your disposable income, interesting foods to try, beautiful scenery, and beaches and nature to explore. Thailand is also rated one of the best countries for shopping and there’s an array of world-class shopping centres. Travelling in and around Thailand is cheap, making weekend and holiday trips easy and affordable. Immigrating to Thailand means having a good work-life balance, immersing yourself in a completely new culture, and having the opportunity to travel and explore Southeast Asia.


New Zealand


Having been one the top of the list of best countries to immigrate to for many years, New Zealand remains a favourite among expats. The country is particularly known for its low crime rate. It’s therefore a great country for raising kids in.


Expats’ disposable income isn’t as high here as elsewhere, but comfortable living circumstances mean they don’t travel out of the country that often. New Zealand has a dedicated website for recruiting expats and is always looking for skilled migrants.




While many of the Middle Eastern countries rely on oil for their economic wellbeing, Bahrain does not. Bahrain’s main sectors are rather banking and tourism, which makes it an excellent destination for those in the financial industry. Its thriving tourism sector means it has a lot to offer in terms of leisure.


If you enjoy immersing yourself in a new culture rather than finding a culture similar to your own, Bahrain is a great place to immigrate to. Earnings are good here and expats mostly say they earn more here than back home. Cost of living can be high, but not uncomfortably so.




This city-state promises an excellent quality of life and work opportunities with high earnings. It also boasts good healthcare and education – perfect for raising children. All these may be quite expensive, but earnings make up for this.


If you’re career-driven you’ll do well in Singapore. The work-life balance isn’t exceptional, but the paychecks are. If you’re looking to take a few years to invest time in your career and to establish yourself in your field, Singapore is the perfect country for you.




Continuously ranked among the world’s top countries to work in, Switzerland remains at the top of leaderboard for expats. It ranks very high for economics, which means expats have good jobs and good salaries when they move here. Many expats earn more here than they would back home.


Switzerland’s cost of living is high, but the salaries still allow for a good balance. The living circumstances are great in Switzerland, with good public transport and a forward-thinking government in terms of infrastructure and greening the economy. The food is good, the scenery is incredible and the overall living standards are high.