Brazil’s Dia dos Namorados and Celebrating Love Across Borders

Dia dos Namorados is a Brazilian day of romantic celebration. It translates to “Lover’s Day” and is very similar to Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in other countries around the world. It takes place on 12 June and we are going to help you celebrate your love even though there are many miles and long haul flights separating your from your loved one.


Have a digital breakfast in bed


One of the best ways to celebrate Dia dos Namorados is by waking up next to each other and maybe having breakfast in bed together. You can still do this when you’re far away from each other. Ring up your loved one on the morning of 12 June, no matter what the time is in your country, and tell them you love them before they’ve even had a chance to realize you’re far away and they’ll be missing you today.


Have flowers delivered


If you can’t give your partner flowers, then let someone else do it on your behalf. There are many online flower-gifting services and you can have it delivered to their office desk or the door early in the morning.


A special food delivery


Not all gifts have to be of the floral kind. Having your favorite food or sweet treats delivered might be even more personal and it shows that you truly know your spouse. Think anything from their favorite chocolate to their favorite pizza. One long distance call to the Chinese place with the amazing dumplings in your hometown is definitely worth the extra charge to make them feel special on Dia dos Namorados.


Have a movie date anyway


Dinner and a movie is the traditional way to celebrate your love for someone, but distance doesn’t have to keep you from doing this anyway. Rent the same movie or log into Netflix and stream the same movie at the same time. Make popcorn, order takeout and start a video call to create the feeling that you’re watching the movie together. You don’t have to talk all the time, simply knowing the other person is there when you laugh together or make a comment about something, is comforting in itself.


Have a candlelit dinner anyway


The same rule applies for a romantic candlelight dinner. You can both light some candles at home and do a video call while you’re eating on separate sides of the planet. You can even extend the call and both make something interesting you’ve never made before or cook your favorite meal in your separate kitchens. It will definitely make for some funny memories if someone burnt the chicken because they were having too much fun chatting!


Care packages are always a good idea


No matter where you are in the world or how long you’ve been with someone, receiving a care package from him or her is always touching. You can truly personalize this one with things you know they will love. If you’re at home and your loved one is the one traveling, it could be great to send them reminders of home. Just take the shipping time into account. The impact will be greatest if they receive their package on or before Dia dos Namorados.


Keep it simple


Sometimes it’s great to go all out and organize a big to-do, but sometimes it’s more meaningful just to have an honest conversation. Make time to catch up properly. Remember to say how much your spouse means to you and how much you love them. We often get so caught up in our own lives that we simply assume the other person knows this, and they probably do, but it’s still nice to hear them say the magic words every now and again.