3XLOVE: Our Final Superhero Mom, Priscila Peters

We’re wrapping up our celebrations of moms with our last superhero, Priscila Peters. Originally from São Paul, Brazil, Priscila now lives in Denver, Colorado and is a mother to a beautiful three-year-old boy. She shared some of her favorite memories and why hearing her son’s heartbeat for the first time changed her life for the better.

Now that you have a few years of being a mom under your belt, what do you feel is the best part about being a mom?

“The best part is you love someone more than yourself in a way words can’t describe because it’s bigger than you. It’s deeper than any other kind of love you feel or you’ve known.”

That’s so beautifully said. Having grown up in São Paul and now living in the U.S, how do you think being a mom here is different versus back home?

“I’m originally from Brazil and had a big family growing up. I was always surrounded by my relatives which created so much for me growing up. I think the biggest difference being a mom here is the fact that my son won’t be able to grow up with my family or being surrounded by relatives all the time.”

Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a mom now versus when your mom was raising you?

“I think every generation has its challenges. My mom was a single mom of twins and I can’t imagine that being easy at any time. I’m grateful that I have a loving husband and my son has a caring father. I’m incredibly lucky.”

Being a mom to twins would be such a handful so I can’t imagine doing it solo, what a strong woman. What’s a favorite memory you have with your mom? 

“Oh, there are so many. The most recent one was when she held my son for the first time.”

Are there any lessons you hope to pass on to your son that you learned from your mom? 

“My mom takes life as it comes and it took me awhile to understand that this is a good way to approach life.”

Beyond your mom, who were some other strong female role models in your life?

“My grandmother helped raise my sister and me. She was a really strong person, hardworking, caring…so is my mom. They’re both important role models in my life.

Let’s say you only had one more opportunity to say something to your mom, your last words ever. What would you say to her?

 “I would say thank you for everything, and let her know I’m so proud of her.”

I’m sure she’s very proud of you too. Being a mom can sometimes be a very thankless job. In your eyes, what’s the hardest thing about being a mom?

“Being a mom is this crazy roller coaster. You feel insecure but you can’t stop loving every minute of it. The insecurity part of it is what is hard for me. I’m always questioning if what I’m doing is the right thing. But, you have to keep going. You do it for love, and the love of your kids.”

And that’s why moms make such a difference in our lives. They keep going and they give so much love. What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far as a mom?

This is a hard question to answer… every learning situation is great. For me, accepting and really understanding that people are different has been one of the most important things. Becoming a mom opened my eyes to a brighter and mighty life. Life does get more intense but my son gives me the strength to be a better person every day. He helps me understand that everyone is different and that’s okay.”

The consensus among moms seems to be that motherhood teaches you something new every minute of every day. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Speaking of gifts, what’s your favorite gift you’ve received from your son?

“Well, my son is 3. He’s learning arts and crafts at preschool which he’s enjoying so much more than I would have expected. He’s made some beautiful artwork, especially for someone of his age, and I’ve framed a few of them. I’m so proud.”

Now, I know your son is only 3 but if he could describe you in a few words once he’s older, what do you think he would say?

“He would probably say energetic, fun, attentive, and maybe even crazy.”

It takes a lot of energy and attentiveness to be a mom so it’s a good thing you have those qualities. If you could hop back in time machine and go anywhere, where would you go? 

“I’d go back to 2015. My son was 10-months-old at the time and we went back to my hometown so he could meet my grandfather. It was my son’s first and last time with him. I wish they could have spent more time together.”

What’s one of your favorite memories as a mom?

“All moms say our favorite memory is when our babies are born, and that’s true. But I think my earliest memory, and probably most favorite, was when I heard his heartbeat for the first time. It’s a remarkable memory. And I’ll never forget when I looked into his eyes for the first time and I knew that was the beginning of my greatest journey.”

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