Christmas Gift Ideas When You’re Far Away and Not There to Give It

Giving a gift to someone when you cannot be there to do it in person is challenging. It is harder to add a personal touch from a distance and make a genuine connection. Fortunately, technology has made Christmas shopping easier than ever. Whether you are abroad yourself or shopping for someone who is far away, there are lots of great options. Here are some of our top picks for giving Christmas gifts from a distance:


Flowers & Gift Baskets

Even if you are a thousand miles away, it is easy to find online retailers for flowers and gift baskets who can deliver them to your family and friends. A simple google search should be able to help you research and select a company with a variety of Christmas gift options.


Online Shopping

With so many major online retailers who ship worldwide, it is easy to pick a gift online and have it shipped anywhere. Some of them will even wrap the present for an extra fee at checkout. This is a practical option for buying toys, books, and gadgets, though it may be wise to avoid items such as clothing that can be hit and miss when it comes to someone’s size and style.


Personalized Gifts

If you are looking to buy someone a gift online and want to add a personal touch you may want to personalize it by adding their name or a special message. Many online stores specialize in these types of gifts with a selection of items that can be personalized from mugs to custom engraved jewelry.


Make a Video

Creating a fun video is a great way to send a holiday greeting from afar. This is a thoughtful, unique way to show that you care without spending any money or having to arrange for a call across time zones and schedules. You can record yourself singing a Christmas carol or just give a genuine, heartfelt Christmas greeting.



If you are shopping for someone who already seems to have everything they want or need you may consider making a charitable donation in their name. There are lots of charities that offer catalogs of different charitable gifts during the holiday season from planting trees to sponsoring a child.


Send a Money Transfer

If you are not sure what to get someone, a money transfer is always a great gift because it allows the person to get themselves exactly what they need. This is a particularly good idea for travelers as it can be hard to track them down to receive a package and they have limited space in their luggage. Ria Money Transfer is a great way to send money online while abroad as they have low fees and offer competitive exchange rates. They help their clients send cash to just about any country in the world in the safest and hassle-free way.

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Snail Mail

While there are many options for gift giving online, many people appreciate receiving a gift through the mail. This is particularly true for older people who may see this form of gift giving as more conventional or have a harder time interacting with technology. Just be sure to send it early enough to arrive on time and that the person is expected to be around, not on a Christmas vacation, in order to collect it.


Gifts from Abroad

One of the coolest parts of traveling far from home is all of the unique boutique items that you can only find in the place you are visiting. Many of these items make excellent gifts such as locally handmade accessories or spices. Take a look around you and see what you may want to share with family and friends.

While you won’t be there to give the gift physically, there are many ways to give a heartfelt Christmas greeting. We wish you the best of luck Christmas shopping this holiday season and hope this article helped get you on the right track!