Eight Habits to Be Successful In Your New Country

You recently moved to a new country, you’re in a new home, in a new neighborhood, but most importantly, you’re starting a new job. Making a success of your life abroad heavily depends on making a success of your career, so we put together eight habits to incorporate into your everyday life to help you be successful.




Whether they’re books about the lives of other successful people, the lives of not-so-successful people or simply books on topics you’re interested in, reading makes you see the world differently. Reading inspires you. Reading helps you to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Bill Gates believes that reading is a very important part of his daily routine, so why not do the same?


Wake up early


Now that you’re in a new country where the winters are suddenly much colder than back home, you might want to snooze as long as possible, but if there’s one habit that most successful people have, it’s waking up early. Work out a morning routine for yourself. Perhaps take this time to read, prepare yourself a proper breakfast, read the news and get on top of what is going on outside your apartment. Take this time to map out your day and set goals for yourself. Research has shown that early risers are more optimistic, and optimism is definitely a good trait of a successful person.


Eat breakfast


This is not only a nice thing to do during that extra hour you now have in a day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a six- to eight-hour sleep, your body is starved. It needs fuel – and so does your brain. The food you put in your body affects how well your brain functions, and fueling your brain with a wholesome breakfast will put your day up for success. It will give you the energy to not sidestep problems but face them openly.


Do it now


Make a little post-it note with these three words on and stick them where you can see them. Listen to them. That email that you dread sending, that task your boss just gave you but you don’t feel like doing straight away, that phone call you need to make – do them now. There is no reason why you need to wait until this afternoon or tomorrow. Get these things out of the way. Show your boss you take your tasks seriously. Get things done so you can move on to greater things.




Exercise not only influences how you look physically, but also how you feel. It gives you more energy that you can use to work harder, faster and more efficiently. Exercise also releases endorphins that make you feel more optimistic about life. This will make it easier for you to “do it now”. Especially morning exercise has been proven to set people’s days up right. Even a 15-minute workout first thing in the morning as part of your routine can make a massive difference in the way you approach the day.


Be punctual


If there is one trait that all highly successful people have in common, then it is most likely their punctuality. People who take their career seriously aren’t late for meetings and they definitely don’t show up late to work. On the contrary, they are the first person in that meeting room, prepared and ready to contribute. Punctuality doesn’t only play a role in the work place. If you want to be successful, you have to make sure you’re punctual in all aspects of your life – coffee dates with friends, your payments for your mortgage back home, even checking into a flight. No one respects that guy who slinks into the plane after everyone else has already settled in.


Let social media lie


Give yourself two slots in a day to check all your social media. Then close those tabs on your computer. So much time is wasted scrolling through your feed, time that could’ve been spent doing something productive toward your future. Rather than scrolling through social media in your lunch breaks, try watching inspirational Ted Talks or reading an inspiring book.


Give back


Giving to charity or donating your time to a good cause reciprocates. What you put in will come back to you. But don’t do it just to reap the rewards. Find a charity or organization that does work about which you feel strongly. Maybe it’s promoting education in children, maybe it’s wildlife conservation or animal rescue, or maybe it’s spending time with lonely retirees. Successful people don’t think about themselves only. They give back.


Photo credit: Florent Chretien and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0