Employment Options in The US for New Immigrants

If you are a legal immigrant who have the right skills and qualifications for a job you want, you have just as much chances as everyone else who are qualified to work in the land of opportunity. Below are some job industries where there are a significant distribution of immigrant workers in the Unites States.


For some reason America has never been able to completely meet all of its vast demand for medical professionals locally. A sizable percentage of America’s doctors, dentists and nurses are immigrants. A qualification in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing or any of the related medical disciplines is about as good as a guarantee of employment in the US. Moreover there is great demand for caregivers who may work at institutions or be employed in homes. A wide range of support jobs in medical institutions are also filled by immigrants.

Transport and logistics

A large number of immigrants find gainful employment as taxi drivers, truckers, chauffeurs and delivery personnel. There are several other jobs in logistics wherein immigrants have been known to excel and are employed in significant numbers. These jobs relate to supply chain management, inventory handling, consulting, servicing, purchase, fulfillment and customer service.

Construction, energy, manufacturing

These humungous industries in the US require vast amounts of skilled and semi-skilled labour. They are among the largest employers of immigrants in percentage terms. In some sectors more than one fourth of the workforce is comprised of immigrants. US working conditions and wages are far superior to what one may expect in similar industries in the vast majority of the developing world. Moreover, these industries generate a huge number of support job vacancies for field technicians, customer service personnel, repair and maintenance engineers, salespeople and others. Many of those are filled by immigrants as well.

Personal care

A surprising number of beauticians, hairdressers, manicurists, masseurs, salon workers and spa workers in the US are foreign-born. One reason for immigrants to find employment easily in this sector is that many of these businesses were founded by first generation migrants who prefer to hire culturally compatible employees. Another positive aspect about these jobs is that machines are unlikely to replace people in the near future.


Immigrants have been known to perform exceptionally well in almost all positions in hotels, resorts, amusement parks, cruise ships, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other hospitality and culinary establishments. The most popular workplace for immigrants in hospitality has traditionally been the kitchen, although now it is much more common for migrants to be employed in customer relations, front office, back office, sales, service and entertainment as well.


Despite a high degree of mechanization farming requires a large workforce and immigrants are well-suited for such work. Food crop farms, cash crop farms, poultry farms, dairy farms and livestock farms all employ immigrants in sizable percentages, sometimes comprising up to half the workforce.


One of the popular domains of work for spouses of migrants arriving on H-1B visas is the education sector. Immigrants easily qualify to be employed as administrators or other support staff, librarians, teachers and in a variety of other roles in academic institutions.

Office work

Having a specialization in any of the business domains is sufficient to get an immigrant an office job as a business, developer, strategist, analyst, liaison, and so on. Many of these roles can have very fluid job descriptions and often have colorful job titles for rather mundane work. However, the important thing is that the pay scales comply with industry norms and are very attractive for most immigrants.

Other opportunities

A large number of immigrants in the US work in the social services, protective services, security services, financial services and many other smaller sectors. Immigrants have excelled as legal clerks, attorneys, sports coaches, designers, artists, software developers, scientists, dishwashers, researchers, maintenance engineers, financial specialists, miners, insurance advisors, investment advisors, realtors and in every other conceivable role. Lately immigrants are also being absorbed into various support roles in the US military and paramilitary forces.

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