5 Updates to the NEW Ria Money Transfer App


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Introducing our new and improved mobile app! 

Between traveling to and from work, working, grocery shopping, and the other tasks that come with daily life, we know you’re busy and sending money can feel like another thing on your list of to-dos. Our new Ria Money Transfer app was designed to make sending money to another country fast, simple, and secure so you can focus on other things, and feel at ease knowing where your money is every step of the way. Here are the top five updates to the new Ria Money Transfer app that you won’t want to miss:  

1. Share the Order Details in one simple step

Your money transfer is created and now you want to give your recipient the order details so they will have all they need to pick up the money.  We’ve added an easy way to do just that. The Share Order Details button allows you to send the order details to your recipient over text, Whatsapp, email, or a variety of other ways. Just select Share Order Details then choose the messaging app you want to use. Your recipient will have all they need in a matter of seconds.    

2. Upload your credit/debit card information with your camera  

When you’re trying to add a new credit/debit card to pay for your transfer typing in the long card number, expiration date, and CVV can take some time. You might accidentally mistype the number which can be frustrating. We removed the hassle by adding a feature that allows you to take a picture of your card and it automatically enters the information into the app. All you have to do is double check the information is correct and confirm.  

3. Finding Ria locations is easier than ever

Whether you’re sending money to someone or picking up money that was sent to you, you’ll want to find the most convenient Ria location. With our new location finder, you can simply put in the address, city, state or zip then choose your preferred pickup location from the list that’s automatically created for you. No more confusing guesswork. 

4. Track your transfer and get alerts straight to your phone 

You created a money transfer and hit send. Now, you want to know where your money is in the process and when your recipient has received the money. Our new push notifications and Track a Transfer feature allows you to not only get alerts straight to your phone, but you can also know when: the order was submitted, the money is on its way, the transfer was received, the money reached its destination, and the recipient received the money.  

5. Log in using fingerprint and facial recognition

Your phone has your personal information on it. If you have a money transfer app you probably have your contact and payment information saved. All of this personal information could be at risk if you lose your phone or it falls into the wrong hands. We changed that by building a new, even safer way to log in to your Ria account. Now, you can log in using fingerprint and facial recognition. Under Profile & Settings just turn on Face ID or Touch ID.  

If you haven’t already, download the new Ria Money Transfer app today and experience the difference of fast, simple, secure money transfer.  

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