International Money Transfers: 6 Tips to Save Time



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A good money transfer is a faster money transfer, wouldn’t you agree? At Ria, we know how important it is to be able to reach your loved ones when they need you most. Whether you’re sending money through our app or visiting one of our locations, we want to make sure your money transfer experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.

We know providing all of the information needed to process a money transfer can get cumbersome, but we assure you all of these steps are necessary to keep your money safe. The goal is always to provide secure access to your Ria Money Transfer account and ensure your money transfer makes it to its destination. Thanks to your data, we can confirm your recipient’s identity and make sure no one else receives it or picks it up instead.

To help make sending money as simple as possible, especially when using the Ria Money Transfer app, we’ve put together a list of international money transfer tips to help you fast-track the information load while steering clear of possible delays.

1. When you’re setting up your Ria account, be sure to enter a valid phone number.

Not only an important international money transfer tip, but also a requirement. We need your phone number to contact you if needed, so make sure it’s a phone number you actively use. You’ll be able to input your number during the account setup, but you can update this on your account at any time.

If you’re using our mobile app, you can change your phone number anytime by going to Profile and Settings on the upper right-hand corner, then choose Phone Number.

2. Make sure the name of the person you’re sending to is spelled correctly.

Names could be long and sometimes complex. However, a full legal name is the only way we can confirm your recipient’s identity. This means you’ll need to type in each name and last name correctly and in the right order, so it’s best to check with them prior to sending.

3. Double-check your payment information – especially for bank accounts.

A very important international money transfer tip: if it’s your first time using a bank account, make sure that your bank account information is correct so that you can verify your account as soon as possible. In the United States, for instance, we do this through an integration that instantly verifies your bank account. Other countries have different verification methods.

4. Along the same lines, make sure you choose the right bank account.

If you’re someone who has multiple bank accounts, double-check that you selected the correct account to send money from. If you accidentally choose a bank account without enough funds, this could lead to delays or even cancellation.

5. Double-check the information of who you’re sending money to.

This tip (or reminder) is especially important if you are sending money directly to someone’s bank account. In addition to their name as it appears on their government ID, city, and country, you’ll need to have their complete banking information, such as their IBAN, swift code, or bank code.

6. Finally, make sure the person you’re sending to knows where to pick up the money.

If your international money transfer involves a cash pick-up, then this tip is for you. For cash pick-ups being sent to a specific location, make sure the person you’re sending money to knows where to go. You can easily choose a location near them with our Find a Location feature.

The beneficiary is going to need the PIN of the order to pick up their cash, too. The easiest way to share this is with our Ria Money Transfer app’s Share Order Details feature. They will also need the official government photo ID that a particular country accepts (keep in mind that it’s different from country to country).

You can download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

People are always looking for ways to send money faster. And, at Ria Money Transfer, we’re always working to make this happen – faster, easier and safer. Sending international money transfers with Ria is simple and convenient – just make sure to have all of the necessary information handy. If you have other questions, our FAQ section is always at your disposal. We’ve got you covered!



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