Mauritius Post Partners With Ria Money Transfer



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Mauritius Post and Ria delegates

The I’s are dotted. The T’s are crossed. Ria has made it to Mauritius, the African country with the highest Human Development Index and one of the world’s leading island destinations.

Right before summer slipped from our grasps, Ria launched in Port Louis as part of the Mauritius Post’s e-commerce strategy to revamp their existing digital infrastructure.

Ria’s money transfer services are now being offered in six post offices around Mauritius, where the national post is ranked first in Africa and 33rd in the world.

Ria’s arrival in Mauritius

The partnership was launched on August 29th at the Mauritius Post headquarters where Mr. Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, was in attendance.

For the Mauritius Post, partnering with Ria is the next step towards meeting international technology standards, a process that started in 2003 with the modernization of its infrastructure.

Minister Sawmynaden talked about the digital transformation the institution has gone through, praising the association with Ria Money Transfer as another way to keep moving forward with its digitalization process.

Now, residents of Mauritius, be them tourists or migrant workers, will be able to benefit from Ria’s wide range of money transfer services at competitive rates

Ria representatives sporting orange standing alongside Mauritius Post delegates

Culture and remittances in Mauritius

Mauritius might be small and remote, an archipelago comprised of 2,040 kilometers squared and located behind Madagascar, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an immigrant hub. Aside from its varied migration patterns, the island had been under Dutch, French and British rule before gaining its independence.

To honor its multiethnic identity, Mauritius amended legislation to remove the ethnicity box from its population census in 1982.

Thanks to the country’s constant migration flow, remittances play a big part in its economy. According to the Bank of Mauritius, most inward remittances come from France and the United Kingdom, which make up 47.5 percent of the total. As for outward remittances, Bangladesh and India are the most popular destinations.

At Ria, we are excited to continue expanding our reach across the world, which allows us to offer more sending and payout locations to our customers. Like Mauritius, Ria is made for and by immigrants.

  • Mr Sawmynaden Minister of Technology Comms and Innovation
  • Mauritiuspost delegate receiving award


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