Modify a Recipient on the Ria Money Transfer App



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Everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn’t have to cancel your transfer because of it!

Now, you can change a recipient’s name after creating a transfer with the Ria Money Transfer app. You can fix a spelling error or change a first or last name to make sure it matches their photo ID! This feature is available for cash pickup or home delivery, depending on their location.

How to make a change to someone’s name

To make a change, you’ll need to:

  1. Choose the active transfer you’d like to edit
  2. Tap Need help?
  3. Tap Modify recipient name
  4. Enter the new details
  5. Tap Save

That’s it! Changes are applied right away. Plus, our customer service team is available to those who need help.

Don’t forget to check that your changes are accurate before saving. New changes need to match the recipient’s photo ID exactly. Missing or wrong names could delay your transfer.

Just like before, you have the option to cancel your transfer if you choose too.

Your transfer is always secure

By fixing someone’s name, you’ve made sure they can receive the money successfully. We have other tools like Track a Transfer that help you and your recipient know exactly where the transfer is, too.

To learn how you or your recipient can use this tool, check out: Tracking a Transfer with Ria Money Transfer

Don’t have the app yet? Get it now. 



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