The New Ria Money Transfer App is in Spain



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ria money transfer app sketch

The new Ria Money Transfer app has landed in Spain! Now, you’ll be able to send money directly through your phone. Keep reading to learn all about the new app and our other money transfer products available in the country.

What’s different about the new Ria app?

With the new Ria app, you’ll be able to use credit and debit card to pay for your money transfers. It’s all in the palm of your hand, ready to use from the comfort of your home. It’s also faster, easier, and can be secured with a biometric login.

Still prefer to pay for your transfer in person? You can continue to use the MyRia app to set up your transfers ahead of time.

Can I still use MyRia?

Yes! The MyRia app will remain available to those who have it downloaded. You’ll be able to send money the way you have been until this service is incorporated into the new app.

What’s next?

In addition to these mobile app changes, we’ll also be making some website improvements starting today.  In the meantime, you can keep sending money with the new Ria Money Transfer app.

We know it can be a bit cumbersome to change platforms, but we promise that migrating to our app comes with many advantages:

  • A much faster and friendly interface
  • Increased security thanks to biometric login
  • The ability to store and accumulate personalized promotions

In addition, you can use the promo code ENVIOGRATIS for a €0 fee on your first app transfer.

Ready to get started? Download it now for iOS or Android.



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  1. Patrícia February 10, 2021

    I like useing Ria is the best and l will continue to use Ria


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