Ria Money Transfer Cash Pick-Up: How it Works



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Taking care of your loved ones comes first. That’s why, at Ria Money Transfer, we’re committed to getting your money where it matters. Whether you’re sending money through our app, online, or at a Ria location, we’ll walk you through everything your recipient needs to know about Ria Money Transfer cash pick-ups.

But first, what is a cash pick-up?

We’ll explain what we mean by this term in case you’re new to money transfer or are looking to try a new payout method. A cash pick-up enables your recipient to collect the money in cash at the selected Ria location. To this day, cash pick-up powered by Ria remains the most popular payout method for remittance senders around the world.

So, how does the Ria cash pick-up work?

On the sending side, you’ll need to select cash pick-up as a payout method and choose the most convenient Ria location for your recipient. This could be the place closest to their job or their home. Be sure to check the most convenient cash pick up times according to each location.

In some cases, the money can be picked up at any Ria branch in the country of destination, such as Morocco, India, and Senegal. In Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and the Philippines, we also have a home delivery service in which the cash is delivered to your recipient’s doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

On the receiving side, your recipient will need a valid ID and, in some cases, the confirmation number provided with your transaction. This same number can be used to track your transfer.

Once the transaction is finalized, your Ria Money Transfer cash pick-up will be available within minutes!

Are there other options besides cash pick-up?

Yes! You can initiate your Ria Money Transfer transaction through our app, the web, or a Ria location depending on availability in your country. Through any of these options you can select direct bank deposit or mobile money as a payout method.

Bank deposit. Yes, Ria can send money directly to your bank account or that of your recipient! Make the most of the largest bank deposit network in the world, with access to over 3.6 billion bank accounts across 125 countries. Visit our bank deposit information center to learn more.

Mobile money. Reach your loved ones, even in the most remote corners of the world, through our mobile wallet network of over 204 million accounts across 20 countries. Visit our mobile wallet information center to learn more.

Why choose Ria Money Transfer?

With over 470,000 locations across 160 countries to choose from, we can reach your loved ones wherever they are from wherever you are.

  • We’re affordable: we offer low fees on international money transfers, always.
  • We’re simple: whether you’re visiting a Ria location or using one of our digital solutions, we put great care into offering you a hassle-free experience.
  • We’re quick: we understand a fast money transfer is imperative during emergencies, so we take every measure to ensure your money is delivered as quickly as possible.
  • We’re safe: we make sure your hard-earned money reaches its destination safely by following all the appropriate regulations and best practices.

Ready to send money with Ria? Download our app for iOS or Android today. If you prefer to visit a Ria location, please visit our store locator.



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