Light up Their Life: Share the Love with Ria Money Transfer this Diwali Season



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शुभ दीवाली!

Or happy Diwali! For those unfamiliar with the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali is a five-day event commemorating the triumph of good over evil and is considered the biggest celebration in Southeast Asia. Although the main celebration isn’t until November 14th, we couldn’t wait to join in on the festivities. We’ve prepared a series of money transfer promotions to help you share the love, as well as inspiration, for those celebrating Diwali away from home or family.

This year, we wanted to help you light up their life – no matter where you are.

We’ll add $10 to your money transfer to India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka on or the Ria Money Transfer app! This promo is valid for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Italy.*

Please see each site for the promotions details as they may vary by country.

Celebrating Diwali from afar and at home – Meet Mukesh and Pranay

Over one billion people celebrate Diwali. Hindis, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists around the world all find ways to celebrate, and Ria employees Mukesh and Pranay are no different. We wanted to share their stories because Diwali is more than sending gifts and money. It’s about sharing the love and light with family and friends.

Meet Mukesh: Celebrating Diwali Far Away from India, but Feeling at Home in his Community

illustration of Indian man Diwali campaign

Mukesh Sharda is an account executive here at Ria living in Brampton, Ontario, where around 40% of the population is from southern Asia. This means he’s always had a community to celebrate his favorite holiday with! This year, he’ll miss gathering at the temple and reuniting with his family from India, but he believes that’s what makes celebrating Diwali more important than ever.

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Meet Pranay: Celebrating Diwali with his Family for the First Time in 7 Years

illustration of Indian man Diwali campaign

Pranay is a business intelligence analyst at Ria who just moved back home to Hyderabad, India to work remotely. It’s the first time in seven years that he’ll be with his family for Diwali! Although he had found an Indian community to celebrate with when living in the US, there’s nothing like celebrating with family at home.

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From all of us at Ria, we’d like to thank you, our customers and colleagues, for lighting up our stores and offices with your dedication and spirit. Happy Diwali!

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