The Best Way to Get Promotions with Ria Money Transfer



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The secret is out. At Ria, we don’t only offer low fees; occasionally, we offer no fee money transfers. We’ll also let you know about other deals on or the Ria Money Transfer mobile app on iOS or Android.

No fee for new customers – always

Trying new things can be scary. With us, it doesn’t have to be. As a new customer, you’re always eligible for a $0 fee first transfer on our website or app! Or €0, £0, or 0 kr, depending on where you are.

Promos for returning customers

If you’ve used Ria before, you can get special promotions and promo codes too. Mother’s Day, Diwali, holiday or December promo codes – we usually have promotions around all these major holidays.

Even better: we’ll send them right to your inbox or phone! All you have to do is opt into marketing.

How do I get Ria Money Transfer promo codes?

Opting into marketing emails is quick and painless. If you have the app, you have the option for push notifications as well.

Opt in when you create an account

Opting in is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit our website or install our app
  2. Create an account

From there, you’ll be able to opt into marketing near the end of the account creation process!

Opt in anytime

You can choose to opt into marketing anytime you would like; you don’t have to do it during account creation. You’ll just need to:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Profile & Settings in the upper right-hand corner (on the app or website)
  3. Choose Manage notifications (it’s called Communications on our website)
  4. Tap the toggles (on app) or check the box (on website)

In the app, you can use the Manage notifications center to choose email, push notifications, or both! On web, you’ll be subscribing to email only.

If you decide you don’t want these messages anymore, you can opt out anytime you want! You can follow the same process outlined above for our website and app.

Ready to save?

Download the Ria Money Transfer app on iOS or Android today.


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