Tracking a Transfer with Ria Money Transfer



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You’ve sent a transfer with Ria – nice! Your hard-earned money is on its way to its destination. Now what? We know sending money is serious business, and that you’re trusting us to do right by you. And we will! But today, we also want to show you how to track a transfer with Ria Money Transfer. We believe in transparency, and that means you should always know where your money is.

Whether you’re sending money through our app, website, or at a Ria location, your transfer will always have an order number. This is the number you’ll need to track the status of your transfer, so be sure to have it on hand.

Note: If you’re using a digital platform like our app or website, you can use the PIN from your transfer, too. You might also have a reference number, which will work on our digital platforms as well.

Ria Money Transfer Tracking: from A to Z

Where to find your Ria tracking number on the Ria Money Transfer app

To get to your transfer details, you’ll need to log in and click Details on the transfer you want to track. The Order Number and PIN will be the first two things on the screen! Just copy one of those numbers and paste them into the Track tab.

tracking a transfer ria money transfer app

Where to find a Ria tracking number on the Ria Money Transfer website

To get your transfer details, you’ll need to log in and select the money transfer you want to track. Here, you’ll also find the current status, but if you need to share the information with someone else, you’ll want to scroll down farther to get to the Transfer Summary.

ria money transfer tracking receipt web

On the Transfer Summary, the Order Number is at the very top! You can find the PIN number by clicking on View Receipt. It’ll be on the right-hand side. The PIN can be used to track a transfer, but it’s most important for the recipient, who will need it to pick up the transfer from a Ria location.

ria money transer tracking web transfer summary

How to track a transfer on the Ria Money Transfer app

If you’re a Ria mobile app user, you’re only a few taps away from tracking your transfer with us. All you need to do is:

  1. Tap Track at the bottom of the screen next to Send.
  2. Type or paste your order number or PIN, which you can get from your email confirmation or by choosing Details.
  3. That’s it! You’ll have the status on hand and access to your transfer details.

If your recipient has the Ria app, they can use this same method so that they’re in the loop. Be sure to Share the Order Details of your transfer with them so that they have order number or PIN!

If you’re still not using our app, you can download it on iOS or Android today.

How to track a transfer on

Consulting the status of your money transfer on our website is similar to our app. You just need to visit our Track a Transfer page, which is almost everywhere in the world. * To track the transfer, you’ll need to:

  1. Enter or paste your order number, PIN, or reference number.
  2. Click Search.
  3. That’s it! Your status is ready.

*Although this web page can be accessed from most locations, please be mindful that our online money transfer services are only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain. We’re working hard to add new countries to this list very soon!

How to track a transfer sent from a Ria location

customer walking into a ria store illustration

If you’re visiting any of our locations in person, you will receive an order receipt.  Your tracking number can be found at the top right corner of the sheet.

To find out the status of your order, just type in the tracking number on your receipt into the Track a Transfer engine on our site.

If there is an e-mail address associated with your Ria Money Transfer account, you will also receive the tracking number via e-mail. It’ll be followed up by a confirmation message when your order is completed.

We want to make sure that your money transfer experience is as enjoyable as can be, and being able to track your transfer is big on that list. If you have any other questions, please visit our FAQs section or drop us a line on social media.

We’re thrilled you’re here!



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