Send money to Bangladesh mobile wallet and receive 2.5% incentive



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If you’re looking to send money to Bangladesh this season, we have all the information you need on how to do it quickly, simply, and safely. We recommend using one of the most reliable and secure ways to receive money: mobile wallets.

Mobile wallets are phone apps that allow you to pay for goods and services without a credit or debit card present. This makes paying for goods and services very easy to do. It’s also extremely fast: Recipients can receive their money in two minutes or less.

Keep reading to learn how to send to Bangladesh with the Ria Money Transfer app and receive a 2.5% bonus of free money.

The Bangladesh money transfer bonus

To encourage expats to send money back home, Bangladesh launched a program to provide a 2.5% bonus on every money transfer sent to Bangladesh. Money transfers can be sent using a bank account, mobile wallet, or with cash pick up. To receive the incentive:

  • Senders need to be a Bangladeshi national, but they can live abroad and have other citizenship
  • Recipients must be a citizen and resident of Bangladesh

The incentive will automatically be added to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet, or redeemed in-person with cash pickup.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for free money!

How to send to a mobile wallet in Bangladesh

To send money to a mobile wallet in Bangladesh, you’ll need to have the Ria app. You can download it now via the App Store or Google Play. Currently, you can choose from three mobile wallets to send to in Bangladesh: Upay, bKash, and ROCKET.

On the app:

1. Tap Send or Send money now
2. Enter Send money details and choose Mobile wallet as the Delivery method
3. Review and tap Continue
4. Select or add a recipient
5. Enter the mobile wallet details
Choose wallet provider
• Enter the mobile wallet number
6. Add the information for Payment method and follow prompts. Tap Continue
7. Review details of the transfer and tap Confirm

And there you have it! In just a few steps, your transfer will be on its way to your loved one’s wallet — ready to handle whatever life brings next.


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