Send money to Mexico while on the go



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Need to send money to Mexico? We have you covered.

Whether you need access to cash on vacation, or you’re sending money to a loved one, Ria Money Transfer will help you get money where it matters.

Why is Ria the best choice to send money to Mexico?

We are the best choice because we are the transparent choice.

There shouldn’t be any surprises when sending money, and our price calculator gives you an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay when transferring with Ria.

If you’re looking to send a specific amount — home currency or MXN — enter that amount to instantly be shown the current exchange rate and converted currency.

Additionally, fees change depending on amount sent, payment method and delivery method. Playing around with the price calculator will give you a better picture of how much you can expect to pay before you begin your money transfer.

Where can my money be delivered in Mexico?

We offer three delivery methods in Mexico: Cash pickup, bank deposit, and mobile wallet deposit.

We’ve partnered with industry-leading banking institutions in Mexico like BBVA Bancomer, Pagos Intermex, Telecom Telegrafos, Banorte, and Airpak to give our customers the best delivery services possible. Keep in mind, some partners may be location-dependent. Please check within the app for the current list of partner locations.

Can I pick up cash in Mexico that I send myself?

Short answer — yes! To do this, make sure to send a cash pickup money transfer before you leave your home country.

We recommend using our Locations feature to choose the perfect cash pickup location for you. Enter the address you’ll be visiting and quickly view all the Ria locations available within your area.

To use this feature, log into the app and select Locations located on the bottom right of your screen. You can also access this tool on the Ria website.

How do I send money with Ria for cash pickup?

Select Cash pickup as your Delivery method and choose a listed location to pick up your cash. Then follow the prompts to complete the transfer. You or your recipient will have 21 days to pick up the cash before the transfer is canceled.

For more information about sending, check out this article within the help center.

What items are required for cash pickup?

Don’t forget to bring your ID and PIN to your selected pickup location. And make sure that the name on the ID is an exact match as the recipient name on the transfer.

Traveling in a different country can be stressful, but having access to money shouldn’t be. Happy sending!



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