How to send to an Orange Money mobile wallet



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If you can’t tell, we love the color Orange. And it’s just another reason why we love Orange Money — the quickest way to receive money with Ria in Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Botswana.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Advantages of sending to mobile wallets
  • How to send to an Orange Money wallet

Advantages of sending to mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are the future of digital payments. They allow people to receive, store and spend money using a mobile phone. Easy, fast, secure — what more could you want? Here are some fun facts about mobile wallets:

  • Most transfers will arrive in two minutes or less to your recipient’s mobile wallet!
  • Unlike sending to a bank account, all you need to know is your recipient’s wallet number — which is usually just their phone number
  • Once the transfer is deposited into the recipient’s account, they can choose how and when they use the funds

How to send to an Orange Money mobile wallet

To send money to an Orange Money wallet, you’ll need to have the Ria app. You can download it now via the App Store or Google Play, or by scanning the following QR code:

You’ll need to make sure your recipient is located in Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, or Botswana. Also make sure you aren’t going over any transfer limits set by Orange Money.

  • Senegal: 500,000 XOF per transfer
  • DRC: 1,000 USD per transfer
  • Botswana: 3,900 BWP per transfer

After you’ve downloaded the app and confirmed your recipient’s location, you can start sending!

On the app:

1. Tap Send or Send money now
2. Enter Send money details and choose Mobile wallet as the Delivery method
3. Review and tap Continue
4. Select or add a recipient
5. Select the Mobile eWallet details:
Wallet provider (Orange Money)
Wallet mobile number
6. Add the information for Payment method and follow prompts. Tap Continue
7. Review details of the transfer and tap Confirm

That’s it! In two minutes or less, the transfer will arrive in your recipient’s Orange Money mobile wallet.



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