What’s the best choice for you? Sending with Ria in-person vs digitally



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When it comes to sending money around the world, we know you have endless options. And let’s be honest, sometimes it can be overwhelming!

At Ria Money Transfer, we’re focused on making the process to send money globally as smooth as possible. We offer both digital and in-store services, so you can send your money your way. Read through this guide to help you decide which money transfer method — sending digitally or at a Ria location — makes the most sense for you.

Benefits to using the Ria app or website


Quickly and securely send money to more than 160 countries all from your fingertips. Available in 19 countries and counting, the Ria app can be downloaded for iOS or Android. Our website is another great resource for sending money and is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia.

Ease of use

The Ria app makes sending — and re-sending — easier than ever. Fly through the simple registration process and quickly get your money where it needs to go! The app also offers the ability to modify transfers and save recipient information for repeat transfers.


When it comes to keeping your information safe, we aren’t fooling around. Both the Ria app and website are protected by strong security protocols, including identity verification, security codes and multi-factor authentication. If you use our services on your mobile device, you can enable facial recognition for additional security.


The free-to-download Ria app always offers low fees and competitive rates. Plus, use promo code HELLORIA to send your first transfer fee-free.

Pro tip: Enable marketing notifications within your Ria account, so you can stay informed about other promos!

Benefits to sending in-person

Many locations

With more than 500,000 locations around the world, Ria is available where you are. Use the app or website to find a location near you at a local convenience store, grocery store, or retailer.

Friendly professionals

Sending in-person is an excellent option for those who enjoy face-to-face interactions. Our friendly Ria agents are eager to answer your questions. Plus, our agents are professionally trained in financial security. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Hands-on approach

Let our helpful Ria agents take care of the details. When you visit a Ria location, you’ll be guided through the entire money transfer process from start to finish. We will ask you for details about your transfer and enter the info as we go along. It’s easy!

Regardless of how you interact with Ria, we are happy to provide you with the solutions necessary to thrive. Happy sending!



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