Top reasons to send money transfers to a mobile wallet



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Does your loved one have a mobile wallet? It may be time to consider sending a money transfer to their wallet, instead of a cash payment or bank deposit. For several reasons, mobile wallets are one of the best delivery options around! At Ria, we deliver money transfers to a variety of mobile wallet providers across the globe.

Here are our top 4 reasons to send to a mobile wallet:

1. Mobile wallets are easy to use

Mobile wallets play an important role in digital finances, especially for those who do not bank within a traditional institution. With mobile wallets, you can use your phone number as if it were a bank account number — meaning you can use your phone to send and receive money, pay bills, top up mobile services, and more.

The ability to bypass banks and store all your financials in one convenient location make mobile wallets extremely easy to use.

2. Mobile wallets receive transfers quickly

Did you know that a Ria money transfer can be received within two minutes or less when sent to a mobile wallet? It is the fastest way to send money transfers to your loved ones. When using other delivery methods, it can take up to 5 days for recipients to receive their money.

Think about what your loved one could do with their money during that time!

3. Mobile wallets are secure

Because of the added security measures of being a digital product, mobile wallets are generally less risky than card or cash payments. You won’t need to worry about someone physically stealing your money because it’s virtually stored on your mobile device.

Even if someone stole your mobile device, it would be hard for them to access your mobile wallet app. Mobile wallets, like the Ria app, use multi-factor authentications and security codes. They also use other security measures like encryption and virtualization to ensure your financial information never leaves your phone.

To top it off, contactless payments via mobile wallets are the healthiest (think germ-free) payment option — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Mobile wallets are great for gift-giving

Money transfers to a mobile wallet make the perfect gift! Send a transfer for their birthday, or an upcoming holiday like Ramadan or Mother’s May.

To send money to a mobile wallet, you’ll need to have the Ria app. Download it now via the App Store or Google Play, and follow these directions:

On the app:

  1. Tap Send or Send money now
  2. Enter Send money details and choose Mobile wallet as the Delivery method
  3. Review and tap Continue
  4. Select or add a recipient
  5. Enter the Mobile wallet details
  6. Choose wallet provider
    • Enter the Wallet mobile number
  7. Add the information for Payment method and follow prompts. Tap Continue
  8. Review details of the transfer and tap Confirm

Regardless of time zones or distance, your recipient will know they are loved and be able to spend their money on a gift or service perfect for them.



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