Facts about FIFA World Cup 2018 – Only Diehard Fans Would Know

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has the entire world in its grips. People are on the edge of their seats watching their favorite teams battle it out on the football field. Of course, since this is 2018, no event is complete without its fair share of memes and internet jokes. From memes on Messi and Ronaldo to jokes about PSG superstar, Neymar’s bleached perms, everyone is obsessed with this event. At Ria Money Transfer as well we have our work cut out for us with fans pouring into Russia from all over the world and receiving money from home to fund their stay. We bring you some cool facts about FIFA World Cup 2018 that only the diehard fans would know!

Fun facts about 2018 FIFA World Cup

  • This may be the eleventh World Cup to take place in Europe, but it’s the first time the World Cup is taking place in two continents at the same time: Europe and Asia. All 12 of the venues are being kept in central Russia, right where Asia and Europe meet. This is also the first cup to be hosted in Eastern Europe.
  • Russia is the biggest country to ever host the World Cup with 11 of its cities taking part in the hosting. The distance between Ekaterinburg, host city on the extreme eastern end, and Kaliningrad, host city on the extreme western end, is 2,415 km. That is almost the same distance as Moscow to London! It looks like fans are going to be spending more time traveling within Russian than watching the actual matches!
  • The estimated cost of this World Cup was over $14.2 billion which makes it the most expensive World Cup ever! If only Russia had spent this much money on its football team, it could win the World Cup.
  • Even with a relatively weak team, Russia still seems to have more chance of winning than any other non-European country. All the World Cups so far have been won either by Europeans (11)or South Americans (9). Maybe this will be the year that the golden FIFA trophy sees a new home?
  • What is a match without yummy food? For the foodies in Russia, the official partner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is McDonald’s. You can visit the FIFA website and find out about McDonald’s outlets in each host city. Now even if your favorite team loses a match, you will have a Big Mac and some fries to console you.
  • If you think the World Cup was always this popular, you wouldn’t be correct. The World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 saw only 300 fans in attendance. 2014, however, saw a whopping 3.2 billion fans from all over the world! This record hasn’t been broken so far so let’s see what happens in Russia. If you don’t enjoy billions of people screaming in joy for a football, we suggest you avoid this one event!
  • FIFA has no losers. And no that is not just a platitude to make the losing teams feel better. While the winning team gets $35 million prize money, the runner-up gets $25 million, and the participating teams each get an $8 million cheque! Just a little money to help out the struggling footballers!


FIFA is one of the most exciting events that truly bring together people from all over the world (and make some people VERY rich). You too can enjoy a match in Russia without having to worry about money with Ria Money Transfer. We wish the teams the best of luck!