Five International Destinations to Go In the Summer without Breaking the Bank

We all love a good summer holiday. Even if it’s only for a week or a weekend, few things engrain the feeling of summer quite as much as packing your bags and going on a trip with your friends or family. Unfortunately, going away is also expensive, so we have found five places where the dollar is strong at the moment. We also included some tips on saving money while traveling for you to enjoy. After reading this, you’ll be ready to book that trip and make the most of you summer vacation!


Europe used to be a very expensive place for dollar earners to go on holiday, but the Euro has weakened significantly against the dollar in recent months. Spain is one of the best places to pick in Europe, as it’s generally also one of the cheapest places on the continent. So head over to enjoy the magic of Barcelona or Madrid. Make sure to visit the tapas restaurants for which the Spanish are famous, and don’t forget to taste sangria as it’s supposed to be made.


It’s always affordable to visit Mexico, but this year has been particularly favorable to visit our neighbors. Mexico is famed for its incredible, laid back beaches where you can enjoy long, sunny days and cold, local beers. But don’t forget to visit the capital of Mexico City too. The food scene here is booming. Taco anyone?

South Africa

The dollar will currently get you around 16 South African Rand at the moment and compared to 12 years ago, it’s incredible. It might be a bit more expensive to travel to the southern tip of Africa, but if you have air miles to spend, this is the destination to spend them on. Spend some time in Cape Town, the heart and soul of the country where nature and lively city life meet, and perhaps spoil yourself to a Big Five safari (the Kruger National Park is one of the most famous, and least expensive, parks to visit). Don’t forget to taste the excellent local wine and beer.


It may be South Africa’s neighbor, but you couldn’t find two more contrasting countries sharing a border. Botswana is where you can experience a truly wild side of Africa, where you can take a boat down a delta and watch elephants graze and hippos laze right beside you. Botswana’s economy has built itself up to be one of the most stable in Africa at this point, but it remains an affordable destination if you’re paying in dollars.


Head south for an incredible injection of culture. The dollar’s value has nearly doubled in Argentina in the last year. Buenos Aires is the obvious starting point where you can indulge in a city that is both bustling and characterful. If you’re a steak and red wine sort of person, then here is where you’ll eat some of the best food in your life without believing how little you paid for it.

Manage your spending in a foreign country

Send money to yourself in your destination a few days before your trip and pick up your cash in the local currency when you arrive. – This allows you to save on international bank transfer fees, ATM fees, and credit card fees. Ria Money Transfer has 310,000 global agents spanning 150 countries. This allows you to pick up your cash wherever you are!

Self cater if possible – buying a few bits of groceries and making a sandwich in your hotel room for lunch is much cheaper than eating out for every meal.

Plan, plan, plan – work out how much you will need every day before you depart, or take a rough estimate that you finalize after your first full day there. Don’t overspend at the start assuming you’ll make up for it as you go.

Take you time – public transport is always much cheaper than taking a taxi or a domestic flight. Leave enough time in your schedule for travelling slowly.

Take it easy on the day trips – although organized tours are fun and easy, limit yourself to one or two and take the following days to relax, walk or cycle around and allow your money to recover.

Don’t overspend on souvenirs – your aunts and uncles at home will understand if they only get a local chocolate and not a local liqueur.

Get an app – there are many apps on the market that track your expenses for you. Now you don’t have to worry about staying within your budget every hour of the day.