Have Fun with Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 19 June and it’s time to spoil your dad the way he really wants to be spoiled. Perhaps your dad enjoys gifts like shaving cream, engraved pens, or socks, but maybe he would rather do something fun than receive a traditional gift.


Here are a few ideas for fun activities or original ways to spoil your dad this Father’s Day.


Spoiling your dad when you’re far away


Days like Father’s Day and birthdays are difficult when you’re not in the same country as your dad. Yet it’s so important to show your dad you appreciate him. Perhaps he sends money home for your school fees every month, perhaps he goes to a lot of trouble to phone you from abroad, or perhaps he goes extra lengths to be home on big holidays.


With these ideas you can still spoil him even when you’re far away. A lot of the time it’s expensive to send packages and it’s difficult to get them there on time. So choosing an alternative gift idea might just be your solution and make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day.


A fishing day


Take your dad out for a day beyond the city rush and the skyscrapers and go fishing. The United States are overflowing with wonderful fishing spots, and if you’re dad enjoys the outdoors, he’ll love this. It’s not only a wonderful activity, but also a great way to bond with your dad.


If you live far away, you can set up a plan for one of your siblings or a friend of your dad to give him a Fishing Day Out Voucher. This could be something near where he lives, or a voucher he can redeem when he is back home again.




Another fun way to spend a day with your dad is to go go-karting. We often underestimate the amount of fun to be had speeding down a track, racing each other. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. Have a look online for the nearest track – there are bound to be many.


If you live far away, you can also send your dad a voucher for a go-karting adventure when he is back in town, or for when you go over to visit.




Enjoy the great outdoors army style when you and your dad dress in your best camouflage and take to the field for a paintball match. This is a great activity for getting your friends and their dads involved, or for inviting your dad’s friends and their sons. You can even make a family day out of it.


If you live far away, you could organize a paintball day for your dad and invite a friend of his, who lives in the same city as him, to join. Simply treating your dad to a fun day out is already a great gift. If you can’t be there, he will still be able to appreciate the thought and effort you put in to organize a special day for him.


Beer tasting


We’re all familiar with wine tastings, but your dad might enjoy a beer tasting much more. If you’re a bit older and you want to treat your dad to something he will really enjoy, then this could be it. Tasting different beers is a fun way to spend time together and perhaps to discover your next favorite beer to enjoy at barbeques together in the future.


If you live far away, either email your dad a voucher for a beer tasting when he gets back, or book one for him and a friend so he can enjoy it while he is away. It is so easy these days to book via email or buy vouchers online, you’ll most likely find a great spot for him to discover in his own city.




If you’re lucky enough to have the entire weekend to spend with your dad, going camping is a great idea. Leave your mom at home to look after the pets and take the road with your dad. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a great way to hail in summer. Remember to take marshmallows and cookies to make smoors and to pack your hiking boots for a fun day out in nature the next morning.


If you live far away and you can’t see your dad on this weekend, you could send your dad pictures of the camping spot you’d like to visit when he is home for the holidays. It’s something wonderful to look forward to.