Get ready for Spring Break! Best Spring Break destinations

Spring Break is coming up and students will be jetting off for a short, exciting holiday. Colleges usually give students a week off around Easter to have some fun. And with the sun finally coming out and shaking off its winter coat, it most certainly is a time to get out and have some fun in the sun.


Spring Break started out in the USA and the festivities are definitely still the largest here. These are the main places where US students head for their Spring Break.


Panama City Beach, Florida


This is the largest gathering of Spring Break students. The city is dubbed the Spring Break Capital of the World and with good reason. Nearly half a million young people head this way for their break. The town is alive with outdoor concerts and competitions. Many restaurants and bars have happy hours.


Miami Beach


Miami is a very popular location for Spring Break. During the day, the beach is the place to be. At night, the clubs are renowned for staying open until 4am. Clubs and bars line the streets and encourage young people to stay out until sunrise.




This Mexican city is always a popular place for a cheap beach getaway, but its popularity increases dramatically during Spring Break. The Hotel Zone is where the action is. It is lined with megaresorts and beautiful beaches. Long days are spent with cocktails in hand in this hotspot.




The Bahamas is a coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean and there are hotspots that rage with spring break parties every year.


Spring Break further afield


There are many more destinations where students and young people head to celebrate their Spring Break. Music festivals, beach activities and nightclub parties draw people to gather in larger and smaller groups all over the world.


Canada, The Caribbean and Jamaica are two other North American countries popular for Spring Break. In Europe, students will gather on the Greek and Spanish Islands.


Things to tell your kids before Spring Break


Your children may need a bit of extra money to make their Spring Break great. Whether it is for accommodation or for transport, you could consider making an extra contribution to help them have a wonderful time.


Send money online to kids away from home if they don’t have a part time job to pay for their holiday. It is quick and easy with money transfer services like Ria Money Transfer. You don’t even have to be in the same country as they are.


You will have to decide for yourself whether or not you trust your children to be safe at Spring Break. Ultimately, if you trust your child enough to study and be independent away from home, you should be able to trust them to go away with their friends. Perhaps make a few suggestions concerning the destination, rather than the fact of them going or not. Everyone deserves a break and there are much quieter places for him or her to go as well.