Gift Outside the Box with Ria Money Transfer



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The holidays are about being there for those we care about most, and we believe a location on a map shouldn’t keep us from celebrating together. Given that many of us live far from our families and a yearly flight home isn’t always a possibility, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to be there for your loved ones this year, wherever they may be.

Introducing: the Gift Outside the Box campaign, a way to reach your family and friends no matter the distance.

Inside the Gift Outside the Box campaign

This year, we wanted to make sure the true meaning of the season didn’t get lost amid the distance and challenges that come with living far away from home. So, what could we do to help customers like Ofelia, a long-distance mother from the Philippines, who can’t take time off from work to see her kids for holidays?

We created the Gift Outside the Box campaign, designed to show you there’s a way to reach your loved ones in spirit just in time for the holidays.

Spreading warmth this holiday season

As a company, we identify with the color orange because it stands for excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, and energy. This is why we take the opportunity to “make the world orange” every holiday season.

“The inspiration for this video came directly from Sharon, our Search Marketing Manager, who always stressed about sending gifts to her family and friends in the Philippines for the holidays,” says Jamie Konegni, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for the Americas at Ria. “She knows she’s not alone, so she wanted to help others take the weight off of buying the perfect gift and show that sending money is just as meaningful.”

Our hope for this campaign is to help our customers feel more connected with their loved ones and to help them see that sending money instead of a physical gift doesn’t have to be any less personal. After all, your loved ones know their needs and wants, and a money transfer gives them the gift of choice. The important thing is to let them know you’re thinking about them, even if you can’t be there in person.

Are you ready to Gift Outside the Box? Send your gift now.


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