How To Have a Happy Holiday Abroad

If you are going to be spending your first holiday season away from family, it can feel a little overwhelming. When you have to spend your holiday season away from your friends and relatives, there are still plenty of ways to make your celebration special. All it takes is planning and a little extra effort, and you will be able to find ways to spend your day while still letting the folks at home know that you care with the help of services like Ria Money Transfer.

Shop Early for People at Home

Let’s be honest – you’re looking to send presents, right? After all, it’s the season for sharing and giving, and you want to let people at home know you are thinking of them. Keep in mind that long-distance shipping during the holiday season can take a little extra time. Consider upgrading your shipping methods to help with this, and make sure you order everything you need early to avoid having your packages delayed by the rush. If you need to have a friend or accomplice buy items at home and deliver them for you, an international money transfer through Ria Money Transfer will help you get the funds there when you need them.

Call Home on the Holiday

Calling home can be difficult when you are abroad, because conflicting schedules caused by the time difference between locations can make it hard to find times that work for everyone involved. Holidays give you space to make up that difference, though, because they free you from your work schedule for a little while. Touching base via Skype, Facetime, or good old-fashioned phone contact will let you tell everyone back home how much you love them. You can also check on the gifts you sent ahead when you make your call!

Finding Ways To Celebrate the Holiday

If you are looking for things to do when you are alone in a new place on the holidays, there are a few great ways to meet new people while you celebrate. Try out any of these ideas to organize your holiday after you send money abroad with Ria Money Transfer.

  • Join a Friend’s Celebration: If you have made new friends through work or socializing, joining another family’s festivities is a terrific way to observe the holidays with people who have also gathered for the day. It can provide you with the opportunity to see new ways of celebrating and learn new traditions, or it can help you connect with other people who can help you feel more at home.
  • Organize a Group of Your Own: If you are going to be in a new place on the holiday, you probably aren’t the only one. Organize a group of people who can’t make it to see loved ones, and throw a festive gathering that brings you all together to share the season’s good cheer. It can help everyone feel more at home to spend time with people in the same situation they are.
  • Explore New Traditions: Wherever you are, there are going to be seasonal celebrations in the area that you can join with the locals. Whether it’s a holiday parade, a special cultural event, or just a round of holiday caroling in your neighborhood, this can be a great way to learn about the local traditions in your new home.


Spending your first holiday apart from your family can be stressful, but it’s easy to make sure they get the gifts and money you want to send home when you send money online with Ria Money Transfer. It’s fast, convenient, and available when you need to send funds on short notice, even during the holidays.