Hosting an International Exchange Student? Here’s What You Need to Know.

From understanding how to easily and effectively bridge the gap between cultures, to providing a safe, comfortable and positive experience, hosting an international exchange student might be a daunting task. It does, however, have its perks. In that, it helps you understand different cultures and helps you be a parent to someone who is enthusiastic about learning about your culture. Here is what you need to know if you are interested in hosting an exchange student:

Understand their culture

Know that they are not used to being exposed to different cultures and different dynamics, so it is important that you understand their culture. This will allow them to be comfortable living with you, and will also help you make sure you develop a bond with them. Keep an eye out for knowing about things that might be offensive in their culture, and make sure that you do not do anything that, albeit unintentionally, offends them.

Help them understand your culture

As a host, it is up to you to help your new exchange student and guest understand your culture and, by the same token, learn from and adapt to the unique aspects of your culture. Whether related to the way you eat or to the way you communicate, make an effort to help your new guest fully immerse themselves in the cultural experience that attracted them in the first place.

They may be slightly perplexed

Obviously, visiting a new place altogether and living with new people can be perplexing and scary. Understand that your new host, friend, and exchange student may be perplexed at the various things they are being exposed to all at once. Make sure that you help them become comfortable with you and with the novel situation that they are in so that they begin to benefit from the various things that you and your country have to offer. If they need financial support from their family back home, help them set up an account with Ria Money Transfer to make their international money transfers easy and convenient.

They may be used to a different lifestyle

Also, realize that the socio-economic circumstances of the particular exchange student that you are hosting may be different from yours. They may be better off than you are, or they may be worse off than you are. Take time to understand the economic situation of the student you are hosting so that you do not make them uncomfortable or perplexed in any way. Help them ease into living with you, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Help them have fun!

All the problems and complexities apart, make sure that the exchange student you are hosting has fun and enjoys the experience of living with you in a novel scenario. Make sure you help them have fun and fully enjoy the entire situation and make an effort to understand what they like and enjoy. You will be loved by them forever if you can contribute positively to their experience.

Hosting an international exchange student can be a scary prospect, but if you are optimistic, careful, and positive, you will have a great experience and so will your guest. As long as you can take care of the little things like making sure they are comfortable and like ensuring that the ease into the culture you have to offer, you should be good to go. Make sure to have a great time. Rest assured, the entire project will be a great learning experience!