Interesting Myths about Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating and unique country. It has a distinct culture and vibrant community, encapsulating the distinctiveness and uniqueness of all of South America. The country is located in the heart of tropical South America, home to some of the most renown and inspiring cultures, ideas, and talents.

While Colombia’s football team may be one of the most famous football teams in the world, it also has several other features that allow it to stand out. Like with any country, with these features come the myths, legends, and folklore, all of which usually makes for a wonderful experience. Here are some of the most exciting myths about Colombia:

El Hombre Bufeo

One of the most interesting myths about the country is that of El Hombre Bufeo or Colombia’s unique pink dolphin. The myth claims that a strong warrior was once condemned becoming a pink dolphin. After this damnation, it is said that he has developed the ability to convert into a man when he comes onto land. He is said to be an adept womanizer, so he chooses a beautiful lady, spends all night dancing with her, and then whoosh! The woman wakes up pregnant the next day, but with no idea what happened. Many children without known fathers in Colombia have “Dolphin Man” registered as their father.

The Crying Woman

A spookier myth is the myth of La Llorana or The Crying Woman. Rumor has it that a young woman drowned her children because the man she loved did not care for them. The man, however, rejected her even still (what a surprise) and she killed herself. At the gates of heaven, she was banished back to the world to find her children.

For this reason, it is said that she roams around at night, crying hysterically as she searches for them. Rumor also has it that if you hear her crying, you are doomed to imminent death. Better not party too much after sunset!


Another interesting myth about the country is that there is there is no innovation or development- that the country is a run-down, good-for-nothing depository for all the drug activities in the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While every country has its issues and problems, Colombia is, in no way, a war zone. There is extreme innovation and development, most areas are safe and secure, and the country is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

In general, Colombia has a negative image in the world because of its relation to drug cartels, gang warfare, and the like. These issues, however, are shown to the public in an immensely exaggerated form; while there is no denying that the country does face such issues, there are definitely not as widespread as they are made out to be. Colombians are normal people- just like us; in fact, they are some of the most hospitable, caring, and loving people one will ever meet.

Will I get kidnapped?

Lastly, a lot of people have a similar misconception about foreigners; no, you will not get kidnapped if you go to Colombia. Many of the stories you hear are dated, and not representative of the current situation. According to the Ministry of Defense of Colombia, the number of annual kidnappings has dropped from 2,882 in 2002 to 282 in 2010.

Colombia is a fantastic place to visit, especially given how well it’s developed. With services such as Ria Money Transfer, a service that provides quick, efficient, reliable, and cheap transfers of money across the world, there is little reason as to why one would not want to go there.