June is Back to School Time in the Philippines!

With the school year fast approaching it’s time for parents to prepare both themselves and their children for all it entails.


Most nerve-wracking of all will be the day that parents send their child to school for the first time! Every parent encounters their child’s first day at school, and it can be both a proud and tough moment as you watch them walk through those gates.


As a parent, all you can really do is help them prepare as best you can, and in this article we have some excellent tips for doing just that!


Familiarize your child with the school


Although every child has only one first day at school, they don’t have to see the school for the first time that day.


You can take your child to see their school ahead of their first day, and in many cases, this helps to ease some nerves for both of you.


Even if you can’t access the building itself, you’ll be able to at least let them have a look at the playground, where you can help them get excited by the play area and the places they’ll be hanging out with their new friends.


Ask about possible orientation opportunities


Many schools, especially when it comes to younger kids, offer the chance for parents to bring them to the school before they officially begin the school year.


This gives you the chance to help them settle in during what can be a tough time in a child’s life.


Taking a walk around the school and the grounds helps remove that fear of the unknown, and can make those first few days much easier on your child.


You’ll even find that some of the front office staff and teachers may be available to meet your child during these events, which will also help.


Have conversations and read books about school


Talk frequently with your child about how exciting it’s going to be for them at school.


Emphasis things that they’ll do that you know they’ll like, such as singing, counting, reading and using computers. Point out how much fun it’s going to be, and how you and any younger brothers or sisters they have are envious of the amount of fun that they’ll have being a “big kid” now.


You will also find children books about school at your local library. These can range from guides written especially for children, to cool stories for children about what happens at school.


Make sure your child is sleeping enough


We all know that bedtimes can vary during the summer, but it’s important that as the school year approaches that you make slight incremental changes to your child’s sleeping pattern.


Putting them to bed a little bit earlier every night is the best way to approach it, as you don’t want to spring an early bedtime on them the night before school.


Trust me, that kind of tactic rarely works!


Let your child choose their own school supplies


There’s no better way of making your kid feel like an adult than letting them choose their own school supplies.


Let them choose their backpack, pencils, pens, pencil cases and notebooks.


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