Just for Laughs (Canada)

Canada is generally considered the ‘nice guy’ among all the countries. But we should add funny to its list of attributes as well because the world’s largest international comedy festival takes place in Montreal, Quebec in Canada every year. Called Just for Laughs, or Juste pour rire in French if you want to sound fancy, this comedy festival started in 1983 and took place every July. This year, it will be held from July 11 to 29, 2018.

The festival goes on for over two weeks with verbal and non-verbal performances (pantomimes) by performers from all over the world. The festival is attended by many of the world top comedians and performers along with some brilliant up-and-coming talent.

All of Montreal and most of Canada pours out on Montreal’s streets for this event, enjoying the comedy along with food, games, music and even some free shows.


Just for Laughs was founded by Gilbert Rozon in 1983 as two-day French language events. It was in 1985 when Andy Nulman joined the staff that English performances were introduced as well. Eventually, the event was increased to a full month, with both French and English performances. The show evolved over the years to include more performers and more categories.

In 1996 the film festival component also began which gave pries for short and feature films. The festival then expanded to Toronto in 2007, Chicago in 2009, and London in 2016. The festival is also popular on TV as it has given its name to a comedy series that employ hidden camera known as Just for Laughs: Gags. The show has been aired on several Canadian channels and has been sold internationally.

Attending the show

If you fancy yourself to be a comedian then Just for Laughs is the best opportunity for you to showcase your talents. Dirty humor, sarcasm, funny bits, everything is welcome at the show! With the show just around the corner, you can catch a flight to Montreal and see how the event takes place. You can spend an entire month in the city (if your boss is nice enough to let you go) or just a few days. Either way, you need to pack a small bag and be on your way.

Staying in Montreal

If you are attending you, of course, need a place to stay! Montreal has a lot of options when it comes to accommodation so here are our top picks:

  • Hôtel William Gray

If you are looking for something a little fancy, Hotel William Gray is a great option with fares around £184per night. There are 127 rooms of different prices ranges. The Hotel is located in Old Montreal.

  • The Ritz Carlton

For something even fancier, you can stay at the Ritz Carlton. Located in Golden Square Mile, the Carlton is the epitome of class and 5-star luxury. Should you need more money to afford this luxury, you can always rely on Ria Money Transfer for a quick money transfer.

  • Auberge de La Fontaine

For a pocket-friendly stay, Auberge de La Fontaine is a good option. It is located on the Plateau and offers comfortable and clean rooms with a breakfast included in the fare.

Just for Laughs is a highly anticipated event for comedians and audiences alike. As the world’s biggest comedy festival, it has the best performers from all over the world. Anyone who can attend must this festival for some crazy laughs. Make it a small laugh-filled vacation with your friends and use Ria Money Transfer to enjoy this festival without any money troubles!