Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Far Away


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Even though we all know mother’s day is right around the corner, time flies, and it’s easy to forget this special day more so when you’re far away from home. But not to worry – you can still show your mother you care, making the best out of her long distance Mother’s Day with some cool ideas that will not break your bank. What is more: with COVID-19 still going, many families will not be able to spend Mother’s Day together, which makes these ideas even more useful.

So, what to do for Mother’s Day when your mom lives far away? Here, we’ll talk about some good mother’s day gift ideas, regardless of whether your mom is near or far. These are guaranteed to make your mom feel loved, even from afar.

Personalized jewelry

Want to gift something that your mom can treasure forever? One of the best mother’s day gift ideas is a beautiful personalized piece of jewelry to add to her collection. Regardless of your budget or if you’re living abroad, there are a lot of trendy statement pieces available online that can have your mom’s name engraved onto them such as rings, earrings, bracelet, and lockets.

Craft your own card

Your better half or friends might not appreciate the thought and time put into a handcrafted card but your mother surely will – especially for a long distance Mother’s Day occasion. Yes, it does sound a little cliché, but it’s so much better than sending the same kinds of presents each year. So pick up stationary from the local supply store and craft your own card. Write down a few lines expressing your love and gratitude towards the special lady in your life. Put the card in a fancy envelope, seal it with a kiss and send it to your mom. She’ll surely appreciate the effort.

Give her a hobby-focused gift

Does your mother love to cook? Or bake? Here’s a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Send her a customized apron, spices, cheese board, or knife set. And what about gardening? You can send her a personalized garden tool set with everything she needs to take care of her plants, such as set of pretty gardening gloves or decorative flower pots. Mini Bluetooth speakers are great for mums who love listening to music, and healthy gourmet baskets or customized yoga mats are ideal for health-conscious mums. These are only a few examples of what can be great ideas for gifts on this special occasion.

A bouquet full of her favorite flowers

When wondering what to do for Mother’s day when you live far away, it’s hard to beat this classic: sending flowers. Flowers by far are the simplest yet most effective way to tell your mom how much she means to you. Arrange a beautiful bouquet full of her favorite blooms; add some chocolates to the package, or a small note and just wait for the magic to happen. Your mom will be the happiest person when she opens the door to a flower delivery sent by her little munchkin from miles away.

Give her a monthly subscription

A paid subscription for a service that your mom likes can be one of the best mother’s day gift ideas out there. Let’s say, for instance, she really likes wine. Wine clubs have become a trend recently because they are a great idea for wine lovers: you pay a monthly subscription and get bottles delivered at the comfort of your home. But there’s much more: you can choose, for instance, a subscription to her favorite magazine or newspaper, or a monthly subscription box service with a wide variety of gifts and products (from beauty products to chocolates and scented candles).

Give her a surprise visit

It might be a cliché, but it works: one of the best mother’s day gift ideas is simply showing up. While there are plenty of gift options out there, nothing says ‘I love you mom’ quite like a last-minute surprise visit- all moms love it! If you can afford going home, start looking for the cheapest flights and make the bookings as soon as you find a good deal. Remember, nothing will make her happier than having you around in-person.

Send money to mom

But what if your mom is a fashionista? Or too picky? Now you’ll have to choose something trendy, the perfect fit and also that suits her unique style. Clueless? The best way to avoid these tricky situations is to let your mom shop herself. Use Ria Money Transfer to send money online and make your mom feel special this mother’s day.


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