Mother’s May: Thanking the Women Who Made It All Possible



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Filipino mother and daughter hug in Ria Money Transfer's Mother's May Campaign video - You Made it All Possible

With everything going on, it’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is just around the corner for many countries worldwide. But, this year, celebrating moms is as important as ever. While Mother’s Day will be unusual for a lot of families in 2020, it may not be much different for moms and children who have been living oceans apart for a while. Luckily, distance – social or geographic – is no match for the love we have for our moms.

For us at Ria, it’s not just Mother’s Day, though. It’s Mother’s May.

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, but not necessarily on the same day. Some countries, like Spain, celebrate it at the start of the month. Others, like Dominican Republic and Sweden, celebrate it at the very end. There are even countries, like the UK, who have already celebrated it.

More importantly, however, one day is not enough to recognize everything that mothers do for us. In honor of all mothers around the world, we’re kicking off our Mother’s May campaign with a special video titled “You Made It All Possible.” As companion pieces, we’ll also be featuring the stories of two immigrant mothers, Lizeth and Minoo, who’ve moved mountains to support their children while settling in a new place.

Inside Ria Money Transfer’s Mother’s May Campaign

They say you only understand your parents when you have children of your own. Following this line, our “You Made It All Possible” showcases the musings of two new parents as they recall everything their own mothers did for them. They land upon mixed feelings of gratefulness and guilt, but ultimately thank their moms for giving them a rulebook for giving back the same love and care to their children. After all, no matter how uphill the battle, they were the ones who made it all possible.

While the video speaks of an overarching reality for many families around the world, we also wanted to ground the campaign in some real-life examples from two mothers we admire.


Lizeth migrated from Mexico looking for a better life for herself and her family in the US. As an only child raised by her grandparents, she had always longed for the parent-child connection she didn’t have growing up. Now, she has that connection – seven-fold!

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Minoo, a cancer survivor, came from the other side of the world.  Despite the many adversities she has faced, she’s always done everything in her power to be someone her daughter Yasamin can rely on. Thanks to the tangible bond that exists between them, it is clear Minoo has succeeded in her mission.

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From all of us at Ria, happy Mother’s May! Even though 2020 has been challenging, we know that love will triumph.


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