Need an International Money Transfer to the Philippines? Look for Convenience and Security

If you need to send money internationally, it is important to find the right service. Fees can vary widely from company to company, but so will customer service features. That makes it important to look at the big picture to get a sense of the value that different cash transfer companies offer. If you want to be sure your international money transfer to Philippines destinations will be simple, secure, and fast, you need to check out the available offerings from companies with an eye toward all those things.

Security and Confidentiality

There is a lot happening in the international banking scene, and much of it can be difficult to understand. You might have heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchain exchanges if you have done some serious consumer research into this topic. What you need to understand about these initiatives is simple. They are promising, and they could lead to the most secure ways to transfer money, but they are not there yet. Currently, cryptocurrency vulnerabilities make it a dangerous way to send money with accountability, and that has led to some consumer distress.

Major banks are now testing to find ways to use the secure blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrency attractive and to use it in ways that are more accountable and above-board, making it possible to send money even more securely and quickly than is possible today. While these initiatives are exciting, they are still out on the horizon. For the best secure transfer services you can find widely available today, you will want to go to an established money transfer service with convenient features and offices in every country you want to send. That way, your international money transfer to Philippines destinations will be processed smoothly, securely, and internally within a single transfer provider.

Features and Convenience

 One provider of these services stands out for exceptional service and reliability, with features that make your money go further. That provider is Ria Money Transfer, and its approach to providing exchange and transfer services gives you everything you need to handle a secure transfer easily.

  • Transfers at or near the current mid-market rate. This is important because there is a window of acceptable exchange rates at any given time, and the mid-market rate is used as the benchmark for the current exchange value.
  • Easy-to-understand fees. There are some services that offer to send money to Philippines destinations with very low fees, but then other service fees creep in at later stages of the transaction, making the total cost add up. Ria and other top-tier providers make their fees apparent from the get-go so your budget is easier to predict.
  • Safety is also of paramount importance, and Ria Money Transfer understands that well. That’s why they operate in every country they service and why they use proven and industry-standard transfer protocols for each international money transfer to Philippines destinations.
  • Convenience is the last factor to consider. When you need to make an international money transfer, you don’t want to have to take yourself into a bank’s main office and wait for someone to help you wire the funds. You also don’t want to have to go to a teller window and spend time filling out forms. That’s why it’s important to find a provider who will let you send money online to Philippines


 It’s going to be important to pay attention to the ways money transfers change over the next few years to be sure you are working with the right service when you need an international money transfer to Philippines destinations. When you work with a company that has a proven track record of secure service and great rates, though, it gets easier.