How People Around the World Celebrate the New Year

Have you ever wondered what New Year’s Eve looks like in different parts of the world? While you’re lighting off fireworks, sending an international money transfer to loved ones or watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square, what are people on the other side of the globe doing? In answer to this burning question, here are a few different ways people around the world celebrate New Year’s.

Plate Smashing

Who needs fireworks when you can smash loads of plates? If the inner child in you wants to give it a try, spend New Year’s Eve in Denmark. While it may seem silly to you, Danish people consider smashing plates on a friend’s doorstep the best way to bring them good luck for the upcoming year.

Fireworks Galore

The United States isn’t the only place you’ll find impressive fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve. You can find remarkable fireworks shows all over the globe, including in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, London and many others. No matter where you choose to view the colossal light displays, you’re in for a treat. Some countries spend millions of dollars on their fireworks shows, and the results are remarkable.

Throwing Furniture

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose unwanted pounds or bad habits, but in Johannesburg, South Africa, people start the new year by losing unwanted furniture. They rifle through their homes, locate items they no longer want, and literally chuck them out the window. Police even have to patrol the streets with extra vigilance as New Year’s Eve approaches to make sure no pedestrians are hit by flying objects.

Hot Metal Fortune Telling

In Finland and some other countries, people celebrate the new year by predicting the future. Instead of using tarot cards or reading palms, the Finns use a specific type of hot metal. They drop the metal into cold water and watch the shape it takes as it cools down. Predictions are then made for the future based on the shape the metal takes. For example, if the cooled metal resembles a ship, it could mean the person will make an important trip in the future. If the metal hardens in the shape of a coin, it could mean the future holds extra wealth.

Eating Lentils

In Brazil, lentils are known to represent money. So, every year on New Year’s Eve, Brazilians sit down to a lentil meal and hope it will bring them good fortune for the coming year.

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What Will You Do for New Year’s Eve?

No matter where in the world you plan to spend New Year’s Eve, it’s always best when you’re surrounded by the people you love. Since it isn’t always possible to be together with all your family members, do the next best thing by sending them your well-wishes for the new year.

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