COVID-19: Resources and Tips to See You Through


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Over the past months, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left the entire world living a new reality. With more than 180 countries affected, reported cases in the tenths of millions, and with a death toll that at this point surpasses 1.5 million, it is safe to say overcoming this challenge concerns us all.

This global phenomenon is reshaping our society, shining a light on the importance of civic behavior and how individual actions can have a huge impact on the world when we commit to doing something together. This is a time for unity, patience, and resilience, virtues exemplified by millions of migrant workers who overcome impossible challenges on a daily basis. We know, thanks to them, that the human spirit can overcome anything.

While there is already a wealth of information out there, we would like to contribute by offering you some resources and tips to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic. Here, you will also find information regarding our current services so you can continue to send money to your loved ones during this time of need.

man wearing mask leaning out the window

What is coronavirus / COVID-19?

While everyone is probably familiar with COVID-19 at this point, it’s always good to recap a bit of useful information. COVID-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was first detected at the end of 2019. Since then, it has rapidly spread across the globe. COVID-19 spreads easily, and the WHO ended up declaring a global pandemic in March 2020. The disease spreads mostly air droplets expelled when we talk, sneeze, or cough. The virus is more likely to spread if we are in close contact with someone who is sick. 

Wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance (at least 6 feet), washing your hands with water and soap, frequently cleaning surfaces that are touched often and staying home if you are presenting symptoms are some of the most important prevention measures currently being adopted.  

The COVID-19 situation at present

As a global community, we find ourselves in a dynamic situation, where the landscape changes each day. While vaccines are already starting to be delivered to the public (specifically in the United Kingdom at the time of this writing), COVID-19 is still going strong and causing disruption in many parts of the world, requiring daily reassessments and measures by governments and health authorities.  

The good news is first-necessity services have remained available despite the circumstances. These include supermarkets, pharmacies, and money transfer operators*. Although opening hours and accessibility may fluctuate, governments and corporations are doing everything they can to keep these businesses operational. If you’re looking to send money to a loved one, you can find a location of one of our stores and check our updated opening schedules. 

COVID-19: Resources available

With so much information circulating on social media, sometimes it can be difficult to find the most accurate data. As a global referent, the World Health Organization is a good source of coronavirus-related information, offering updates on the spread and containment of the virus through its website and social media channels. 

Given that the situation is different in each country and is seeing updates rapidly, it’s best to consult your country’s health ministry portals for local regulations and guidelines. Other governmental channels, including local and national, will also offer information on contingency plans, government aid for those affected, and support hotlines. 

Measures we can take in times of COVID-19

little girl washing hands

We know the basics: wash our hands and engage in social distancing. However, there are other measures we can take to look after our mental health and overall wellbeing while in quarantine.

1. Stay in touch with family

If you’re a migrant worker, or simply live in a different city than your loved ones, then you’re already used to finding alternatives for staying in face-to-face contact. However, now you have the chance to make these calls longer, reminisce about childhood memories, try to play games or watch a movie simultaneously. You might even be able to get a hold of those loved ones whose schedules always clashed with yours. 

2. Unplug from the news

Although staying informed is important, it’s easy to spiral after spending all day watching all the wrong numbers go up. Instead, designate some moments of the day to checking the news. This way, it will be easier to dedicate your time to activities that make you feel calm.

3. Make the most of free services

In solidarity of those affected by COVID-19, many companies and institutions have been releasing free content or removing paywalls for the next month or so. There’s everything from free online museum tours to courses and certifications. Doing something productive will keep your brain busy, allowing you to take a break from stressing and worrying. Using this time to learn new skills is one way of fostering the right mindset for getting back in the game. 

4. Fix things around the house

We all have a list of things we say we’ll get to when our lives finally slow down. Thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns, it does seem like the time to fix that curtain or that banister is upon us. Crossing items off the list will grant you a sense of accomplishment during these uncertain times. 

5. Help your community

By following safety protocols and local regulations, we can help contain the spread and speed up our return to normalcy. Protect yourself and others when visiting pharmacies, grocery stores, or sending money. Keep an appropriate distance, wear masks if ill, and wash your hands before and after your ventures outside. You can also pick up groceries for elderly neighbors or offer emotional support to those who may be feeling scared or overwhelmed.

We remain at your service, during COVID-19 and beyond 

Although the spread of COVID-19 poses a global challenge, our customers are always at the heart of everything we do. We are here to reassure you that we will continue offering our services during this trying time. We understand that this is a critical time for you and your family, and we will do all we can to help you support your loved ones through this crisis. 

For greater comfort, our digital services (our website and our mobile app) remain available as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our stores and agents are open, with some of them operating under restricted schedules. We encourage you to contact your preferred location for updated opening hours or consult Google Maps. 

*Applies to most countries. 


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