More for Mom: Celebrate Her with the Ria Money Transfer Mother’s Day App Promotion



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ria money transfer mother's may

It’s her special day. No matter when you celebrate Mother’s Day – or how – one thing remains true: it’s about more for mom.

Just like last year, we’re celebrating all month. Plus, we have a $0 fee Mother’s Day promotion for new customers and a few other surprises in store throughout May.

Get your Mother’s Day promo

If you haven’t tried Ria, you’re eligible to get a $0 fee first transfer on our mobile app! It’s as easy as downloading our app, creating an account, and using promo code RIA2021 on your first transfer.

Get the app for iOS or Android today.

If you’ve sent money with us before, there might be some deals for you, too! The best way is to sign up to get the latest Ria Money Transfer promotions. We respect your time and inbox, so we only send deals that are relevant to you.

Why we’re all about “more”

You’re going to hear us say “more” a lot this month. That’s because we think moms deserve more.

No matter who mom is, this holiday is a way to celebrate not only her role but also the person she is. This month, encourage her to look after her own wants and needs! Whether it’d be a hobby she needs to buy supplies for, an appliance she really needs to replace, or just a little something she’s always wanted to try, it’s her time to treat herself. And, of course, sending mom a money transfer can help her do just that!

It’s true that, as we get older, gifts can become a little too practical. But we don’t want to forget all of the unique, handmade gifts you gave her before you could buy her grown-up gifts. From us at Ria to you and your mom, let’s remember all of the gifts you delivered with love.

After all, the gifts change. Your love doesn’t.

Watch the video in Spanish here.


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