Inside the New Ria Money Transfer Brand



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ria money transfer rebranding new logo

Ria Money Transfer was founded in 1987 with a simple mission: to help people stay connected to their loved ones around the world. The 30 years that followed were about continuously delivering on our brand promise. 

At many points, we could’ve stayed put. We had a solid business that kept our customers and employees happy. But we knew, from personal experience, that others still needed our help. So, we kept growing and pushing our own limits. 

But we felt the time had come to pause and look back. What we found was that our Ria Money Transfer brand had grown asymmetrically, stretching to one side or the other depending on the market, the year, or the country. 

As customer needs change and services evolve, the time comes for every brand to reinvent itself. For us, the time was now. While our new Ria brand / logo  symbolizes a new era for us, a testament to our growth and journey thus far, we wanted it to reflect our purpose and help connect better with our customers. 

Keep reading to learn more about how we’re bringing this new brand to life.

  1. Our purpose
  2. Manifesto
  3. Our new logo

Our purpose

The world is in movement, and it has been for quite a long time. Some people move by choice, others as a last resort. But everyone is searching for something. A better future, a way to support their family, to start a business, to further education, to realize their full potential.

Ria exists to overcome complexity and borders. To pave the way for our customers so their hard-earned money can flow safely to wherever they need it to go. We help customers honor old traditions, commemorate new lives, start new chapters, and even bid a final farewell.

We go the distance to be there, providing different ways for people to reach people. To improve the quality of life of individuals, to provide for communities, to strengthen economies.

We open ways for a better everyday life.

Why: Together, we believe we can create a world in which people are empowered to build the life they dream of, no matter who they are or where they are. One customer, one family, one community at a time.

How: We think global but act local. We are people serving people and we never, ever forget that. This is how we do right by you. We are always humble. We are always transparent.

What: No matter where you are in the world, we get your money to where it needs to go – quickly, simply and in safe hands. Because, at Ria, we get money to where it matters.

The Ria Money Transfer Manifesto

A brand manifesto describes the motivations and aspirations behind a brand. Internally, it serves as an anthem to keep us motivating and moving towards a common goal. When it comes to our customers and partners, the manifesto is our promise.

Today, people are on the move more than ever before. For a better future. For a better everyday life. Their stories are full of hope but also sacrifice in giving back to someone they left behind. From putting food on the table to funding a local business, a little goes a long way and it comes down to us to ensure our customers’ hard-earned money is there to play its part. 

This is, at the end, what counts and what makes all the difference for millions of people.

It’s what we live by so we don’t take it lightly. We act global but always feel local to be there for individuals and their communities.

But, we can’t stop there. In this business, humility can be hard to come by.

We put others ahead of ourselves, the way our customers do everyday.

Because this isn’t just business, it’s personal. People deserve much more than just a fair price. They deserve empathy, hope and ultimately respect.

That’s how we do right by people and their needs – not more, not less.

  • We never rest, we raise the bar and put people first.
  • We work hard and take nothing for granted.
  • We facilitate possibilities in every possible way.
  • We champion people’s needs, today and tomorrow.
  • We open ways for a better everyday life.

When it came to our new visual identity, one thing was clear. Our customers needed to be front and center. To accomplish this in the Ria logo design, we took several steps. 

Over the years, our logo always talked about staying connected. Our I’s dot was a globe with two lines forming that connection from one end of the world to the other. 

Now, we want to talk about a world in movement. 

What was once an image of an interconnected globe has been simplified to an orange disk, one that can help tell the story of each money transfer. The emphasis is no longer on “the world” but on the customer’s world and what each individual can do for themselves and their loved ones when given the necessary tools.

The individual itself is represented through the “i” in Ria, supported by the leaning lowercase “r” and “a” to each side.

And, yes. The new Ria brand is still orange. 

Alongside our logo, this color is one of the most recognizable assets we have. It forms a fundamental part of our design system and offers visual consistency across all our touchpoints and channels.  

But, we wanted to give orange a more meaningful role to play. To accomplish this, we complemented it with a palette of secondary colors, a palette that allows us to play off of the orange’s vibrancy.

We can appreciate it best when extrapolating the orange disk from our new logo. This disk then becomes that missing piece money transfers help power on the receiving side. From the wheels of a bicycle to the glow of a warm, long-distance embrace, Ria is there to help get your money where it matters. 

Ria’s new photography style is simple and powerful, with subjects always cut out from their backgrounds to effectively highlight the message they’re looking to convey. The use of monochrome illustrations also gives Ria the flexibility to connect with multiple audiences, ethnicities, and age groups through inclusive and emotionally compelling content.

As our CEO, Shawn Fielder, shared in a press release, “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we wanted our new brand identity to reflect that. Through our new messaging and design, we look to honor the journeys and sacrifices of our customers. For us, it’s about providing more than just a money transfer service. Our goal is to build close-knit relationships with our customers so that they feel safe, appreciated, and understood.”


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