Ria Money Transfer: Official Sponsor of Atlético de Madrid



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We are pleased to announce a four-year, back-of-shirt sponsorship deal with the Spanish club Atlético de Madrid.

Why do 3.5 billion people around the world watch football? Some might say it’s because of the athletes, the skill, or the entertainment. But as any football fan will tell you, it’s not about any of that.

It’s about passion, the thrill of one player kicking the ball and millions of people scoring with them.

It’s about connection, feeling close to every fan on the planet as soon as they play your team’s anthem.

But above all, it’s about surmounting unfathomable challenges, the heroic arc of the underdog turned champion. A simple, affordable sport that has inspired hundreds of thousands across the world to dream big despite their circumstances.

It’s no surprise that many of our customers and colleagues love football. As immigrants, they identify with the perseverance needed to overcome impossible situations, have felt the yearning to connect with their loved ones living far away, and are used to sharing their successes with their families and communities.

We feel this way, too.

Football, like the money transfer industry, is fast-moving and ever-changing, but, as is the case with Atlético de Madrid, we relish in the challenge and are driven by our constant pursuit of excellence.

For Ria, this sponsorship represents “a first step of many towards creating deeper, long-lasting connections with customers around the world who use our money transfer services to feel close to their loved ones,” as shared Juan Bianchi, CEO of Euronet’s Money Transfer segment in the official press release.

From left to right: Atlético de Madrid player Héctor Herrera, Captain of Atlético Women Amanda Sampedro, Atlético’s President Enrique Cerezo, Ria Europe’s Managing Director José Cabral, Atlético de Madrid player Thomas Partey, and Atlético Women player Silvia Meseguer.

As official sponsors and global money transfer partner, we will be working alongside Atlético de Madrid to create engaging digital content and unforgettable fan experiences to showcase the rare and deep connection that exists between the two organizations.

Atlético de Madrid’s motto, “Believe and succeed,” captures their philosophy to perfection, born from the club’s humble beginnings as the team of the working class. More than a century later, Atleti, as they’re known in Spain, continues to represent the same values of hard work, humility, passion, and comradery that turned them into champions.

These are the same ideals that have guided Ria from its own modest beginnings as a single storefront in New York City to the global money transfer leader it is today.

Much like Atlético’s former captain Diego Godín once said about coach Diego Simeone, some people fit certain places, and Ria’s place is Atlético.

We feel honored to become part of the Atlético family and excited for the many things we’ll do together. Best of luck this season, and remember: from now on, we’ve got your back.

This past Sunday, the 10-time La Liga winner debuted the new official jersey, now incorporating Ria’s logo on the back.


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