Send Money in Time for Father’s Day This Year

Holidays are busy times of year in the money transfer business, especially when they are international holidays with wide observance. One of the most popular and widely celebrated of these holidays is Father’s Day. After starting in the United States over a century ago, it is now observed in dozens of countries around the world. Many nations observe the day on the same date as the U.S., but there are almost as many that choose to celebrate it on another significant day. Whether you are planning on sending money online for the June date or for a Father’s Day later in the year, now is the time to start planning, and Ria Money Transfer is here to help.

The First Father’s Day in the U.S.

As the writers at The Art of Manliness documented, the first observance of Father’s Day was in 1908 or 1909, depending on which origin of the holiday you believe. The first version of the tale said it was Sonora Smart Dodd’s invention upon hearing a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909. It’s said she took up the cause for a Father’s Day because her father, a Civil War veteran, raised six children on his own, and she wanted to help celebrate his love and nurturing. The other version of the origin says that in 1908 Grace Golden Clayton asked her minister in West Virginia to say a special service for fathers after a mine explosion killed 361 men in her community.

Whichever origin story you believe (and it is possible to believe both happened genuinely in separate locations) the celebrations began to be taken up in individual communities around the country until 1924, when President Coolidge called for the day to become a national holiday. That didn’t officially happen until 1966 under President Johnson, but the observation of Father’s Day spread around the world after that. Despite Johnson’s proclamation supporting the day, it would be another six years before Richard Nixon signed the law making it an official holiday.

Giving Gifts Long-Distance

One thing that makes Father’s Day difficult to observe when you are apart from relatives is the limitation on practical gift-giving across international boundaries. Often, people choose to send money online with Ria Money Transfer rather than to try to deal with shipping availability and costs internationally. The convenience and speed of money transfers make this a terrific way to send gifts, but it also takes away your opportunity to shop for something that is special and that will stand out as a gift from you. Here are some ideas to help you deal with the distance:

  • Send money to someone who knows your father to cover the cost of a gift you choose. Have that person procure it and deliver it for you on the big day to give a huge surprise!
  • Include a note with the transfer that tells your father what the gift is intended to help with, whether it’s upgrades to the home or a budget for a new luxury your dad deserves.
  • Work with local delivery companies to make sure your father has a gift coming, then use online money transfers to make sure your merchants are paid on time.

No matter what you want to do, Ria Money Transfer has options that are designed to help you make Father’s Day special.

Alternate Dates Around the World

No conversation about Father’s Day is complete without a reminder about the alternate dates many countries have for the holiday:

  • June 17 in El Salvador and Guatemala
  • June 23 in Nicaragua, Uganda, and Poland
  • In July in Uruguay and the Dominican Republic
  • In August for Brazil’s Father’s Day, as well as Taiwan’s and China’s, and Argentina’s

Those are just a few of the alternate dates for the holiday on the calendar. If you are looking to send money online for a Father’s Day gift, Ria Money Transfer has options to get your money where you need it on time for the holiday.