Can You Send Money Safely Online?

In today’s technological world, it’s wise to use caution online and protect your personal information. You may have heard those unsettling news reports about our data being used without our knowledge and smart devices, like Alexa, spying on our conversations. We know sending money online can feel a bit ethereal, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Handing someone physical cash is more familiar and tangible. Not to worry— Ria Money Transfer protects your personal information every step of the way: from creating an account and sending your first transfer, to when your recipient receives the money.   

This business isn’t new to us.  

You probably wouldn’t hesitate to hand money to friends or family because they are people you trust. It’s important you choose a money transfer service that is well-established and trustworthy.  Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc., is one of the largest money transfer services in the world. We’ve been helping people get their money where it needs to be for the last 30 years; and, we’ve securely sent over one billion money transfers worldwide.  

Your personal information is protected so it can safely get from point A to point B 

We continually invest in our compliance program, focusing on integrating state of the art monitoring and technology to stay ahead of the curve. Our world class experts work tirelessly to safeguard your money and personal information. All the information you share with us (i.e. your home address, credit card, phone number, etc.) is completely encoded so it can’t be intercepted by anyone that’s not authorized. 

We verify you are who you say you are.  

Ria has security measures in place to make sure that only you are accessing your account. We use monitoring and scoring to make sure that your information is not used without your permission. 

We make sure only your recipient can pick up the money.  

We don’t just let anyone walk up and claim to be your recipient. The person you chose to receive the money must prove they are the intended recipient by showing their I.D. card and the unique PIN that you’ll share with them after the money transfer.  

The countries we operate in know us, and we know them.  

Each country has their own regulatory agency that monitors money movement and fights fraud. We’re registered with all regulatory agencies in the countries that we operate in and value our strong relationships with local law enforcement. 

We don’t sell your information to lists, or anyone.  

Your trust is important to us. We will never sell or give your information to lists or telemarketing agencies.  

You can file a dispute if needed. 

In the unfortunate circumstance that you notice any fraudulent activity on your account, you can easily file a dispute from our website. You will be reimbursed for any unauthorized activity on your accounts.  

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