Sending Money Online Internationally – Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account?

International money transfer can be a tricky business! If the concern of safety does not paralyze one, then often the high transaction costs and slow processing time leave one too anxious to go through with it. Fortunately, things have gotten a lot easier, and less stressful with the coming on online money transfers. To help you decide the best platform for sending money online, here are some methods along with their pros and cons.

Credit card

A credit card is very easy to carry around and a highly efficient way to pay for your purchases, thus their rising popularity comes as no surprise. Sending money via a credit card is usually the quickest way to send, and transfers can be sent to the recipient within minutes. However, this method may also be the costliest option, and your credit card company may charge you a a separate fee for the transaction, so be prepared for the extra price.

While using your card to fund the transfer is the equivalent of borrowing money from it. This incurs a higher interest percentage thus you will pay off a larger amount than the one you had loaned. It is best always to pay off the debt as soon as possible and avoid maxing out your card often.

Keeping a high credit score is crucial if you plan to make an expensive purchase in the future and wish to maintain a good relationship with your credit card company.

Bank account

A transaction via a bank account can only be done if you already do have sufficient bank balance. There are two ways to do this, first is the traditional form which is a bank to bank transfer. You will need the following recipient information:

  • Bank name
  • ABA number
  • Account number

Using this information and providing your required information, the transfer will be complete. Due to a long line of transactions to go through, it may take some time before the money shows up in the recipient’s account. This method also may cost exorbitant fees when sending internationally as it takes a percentage of the send amount as a transfer fee.

The second method is to use an online money transfer service like Ria Money Transfer. Like the other options, money can be sent internationally from your bank account using any device. Just add your bank account information to your account, and once verified, you can transfer money internationally directly from your bank account anytime. This is usually the cheapest option to send money.

Debit card

If you don’t own a credit card or are turned off by the high interest rates, then a debit card is your friend! Several sites now allow you to pay using your debit card, to do so you must provide your debit card number. A debit card withdraws money from the existing balance in your bank account thus such a transaction helps you avoid interest charges and the worry of maintaining a positive credit score.


Credit cards are helpful if you do not currently have money on hand. Additionally, they are also quick. However, they usually carry the most fees and your credit card company may also charge you separately as this is considered a cash advance transaction.

Debit card are a great way to avoid the interest loans that incur due to credit card transactions and they are just as fast, so debit cards are usually our first choice to recommend.

Bank accounts are the usually the cheapest way to send but can often be slower than the other two options. If the transfer is not time sensitive, then this is the best option.

Each online money transaction method comes with its own set of pros and cons. Your best bet here is to choose one that fulfills the majority of your needs, does not lead you to a financial loss and provides maximum safety. But it must be noted here that no matter what service you use, it is your responsibility to practice utmost precaution. This can be done by keeping your details as private as possible and verifying identity and trustworthiness of recipient!