Spring Cleaning Your Finances – Part 1

After a long winter, most people look forward to spring with optimism. Warmer days, more daylight hours and just the slightest hint of summer.


The onset of spring also brings the tradition of spring cleaning, which many people use to remove the clutter that they have managed to accumulate over the long winter.


Spring cleaning can also be applied to one’s finances, though, and with the summer not far away there’s certainly no harm in seeing how you can make a few minor adjustments to ensure you get more bang for your buck this year!


A great place to begin is by checking to see if you should switch energy providers.


Throughout the winter, we usually burn up a lot of power, and while we may have gotten a great deal on our energy consumption throughout the winter, there’s no guarantee that the same company will provide such value through the spring and summer months.


In fact, in many cases, the energy providers who do provide excellent winter rates tend to make that money back through the summer.


The best thing to do is take some time to shop around, and see what’s on offer. Bear in mind that there’s a good chance you’ll be burning less power through the summer, so look for a tariff or rate that works for you.


Your energy company isn’t the only provider you should be looking at this spring. Why not have a look around and see if your current internet, cell phone and telephone package is still as attractive as it was when you first signed up?


Of course, many people are tied into long-term cell phone deals, but you can still shop around to see if there isn’t a new landline and internet company operating in your area, or perhaps an existing company are offering some great deals to sign up with them?


Over the previous summer and winter months, we find that we tend to watch TV and stay indoors a lot more.


Have a quick look at your current direct debits that you have and see if there’s anything there that you either get no use out of in the summer months or perhaps can even reduce to a lesser package?


Many people check their direct debits and find that there are payments coming off on a regular basis that they had completely forgotten about, so it’s always worth checking these yearly at the very least.


Do you have family or friends overseas that you regularly send money to? If so, what method do you use? Are you simply using the facilities at your own bank? Perhaps they offered you a great introductory deal on international money transfers when you first signed up with them?


Have a look and see if you’re still getting value for money. Remember, every dollar in bank or transfer fees that you pay is a dollar you could be sending to your loved ones or even spending on yourself.


Check your rate, and compare it with a high value, professional service such as we at Ria Financial offer.


You’ll be amazed at the money you’ll save over the coming year if you implement the tips provided in this article!