Summer Destinations and Sending Money to Your Destination Ahead Of Time

Photo credit: Dhinakaran Gajavarathan and reproduced under Creative Commons 2.0

The blossoms are out, the days are longer and you can finally leave your heavy, worn-out coat at home when you leave the house. Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to put your plans in place for a wondrous summer holiday.


A lot goes into planning your trip, but the two most important things to worry about are usually the destination and money. As long as you have these in place, you can sort the smaller details closer to the time.




Top five summer holiday destinations from the USA




A firm favorite on a list of potential summer holiday destinations, Spain never fails to impress with its hot days, warm nights, titillating culture and gorgeous beaches. Barcelona and the Spanish island remain some of the top places to visit. Culture vultures can definitely put the city of Malaga on the list, as 2015 marks the opening of the first Pompidou Centre outside of Paris. See the birth of Pablo Picasso in a new light and enjoy a brand new modern art collection in this striking glass building.




Obama announced that America would re-establish their diplomatic relations with Cuba, so now is the ideal time to plan that trip. The tourism industry is growing steadily with new hangouts, bars and accommodations opening up. Get stuck into the carnival spirit and enjoy a culturally rich and exciting holiday this summer. The busy streets, rich aromas and heart-warming music will make this a trip to remember.




Everyone needs to wander the streets of Paris, or laze on the beaches of the French Riviera at least one summer of their lives. Perhaps this year it’s your turn to embrace the most-visited tourist country in the world. With a newly opened train route between Lyon, Marseille and London, access to the other cities of France is becoming simpler by the day.




If you’re looking to visit the East, then Cambodia is a great bet. With all the natural beauty of Thailand, but without the influx of tourists, Cambodia will give you exotic beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, but without the added dollars. Escape to the jungle for an eco adventure or visit the nearly uninhabited islands along the coast for a castaway-themed summer. Phnom Penh remains the hub for visitors.


South Africa


It might be winter in the southern hemisphere during your summer, but most of South Africa enjoys warm, dry days during winter. This is the best time of year to visit the Kruger National Park and its surrounding private game reserves to spot the Big Five and the scenic Garden Route with its lush forests and tranquil beaches are beautiful at any time of year. You might encounter a rainy day or two in Cape Town, but it’s worth missing out on the crowds of visitors.


Send money to your destination and save


The most important thing to have with you on your travels is money. The problem is that you can never predict the exchange rate, and you might end up loosing more money that what’s necessary if you simply withdraw from an ATM at the airport. In fact, multiple ATM withdrawals throughout your trip will add up. This is extra money that you can easily avoid spending.


The new trend in travel is to send money to yourself before you reach your destination. Choose a time when the exchange rate is good and make an international money transfer to the destination that you will be visiting. When you arrive, you can simply pick up the cash. Ria Money Transfer has branches all over the world, making it easy for you.


The biggest benefit of sending the money to your destination beforehand, is that the rate is already set when you make the payment and the money that you sent in the foreign currency can’t fluctuate based on the exchange rate. The money you paid is the money you get on arrival.


This is a great method of creating an emergency or backup fund at your destination, because you never know when an unexpected payment will arise at your destination.


After you’ve decided on a destination, booked your accommodation and transferred money to your first port of call, you can stop worrying about the arrangements, or an unexpected change in the exchange rate, and commit to the last push at work before the break. Dash off in your lunch break and buy a tropical shirt or summer’s dress, just to get you in the spirit!