Thinking of Moving to China? Here are Some Tips!

If you have been considering or seriously thinking about moving to China, there are some things that you need to know about the country, its culture, its geography, and its people to ease into living there and be prepared for what is in store. If you are informed about their culture, language, and experiences, you will be better equipped for settling in. Here are some tips and things to know before you decide on whether or not you want to move to the heart of East Asia:

Understand their culture

Chinese culture is, at the very least, explosively different. It represents an unexplored and unique part of Asia and, by that token, also hosts many things in its culture that are novel and not easily understood. Before going to China, make sure you are aware of their culture and the different cultural trends that are common in the country. From what they eat, to the way they eat, all the way to how they dress, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with China before deciding whether or not you would like to move there.

They have several languages and dialects

There are several languages and dialects in China. Their two main languages are Mandarin and Cantonese, but there are a lot of other nuances in communication that you should be aware of before deciding on China. Chinese people are very friendly and welcoming, though. Even if you don’t understand or cannot communicate effectively with them, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time.

China is a bit strict about some things

The Chinese government, albeit very effective, maybe slightly strict about several things and so it is good to know what these things are before making such a big life-decision. If you do sensitive work related to politics or international relations, be careful about what your work is and research about whether China is okay with what you are doing. There are also some cultural aspects that you need to be careful about. Do not offend them in your ignorance.

Different places provide different experiences

While making a deposit to a bank is easy throughout the country, different places in China provide different experiences, and so you should research specifically about the place you are going to. This means understanding the food, culture, language, and habits of the people and the place you will be living in. While the general information of the country will help you in most contexts, it is wise to know about the specifics of each region, especially given how large the country is.

China is the embodiment of authentic East Asian Culture

China is the go-to place for experiencing authentic East Asian Culture. From the food to the heritage, China has it all if one wants to learn about the unique and unexplored culture of East Asia. If experiencing novel cultures and all that comes with is a priority for you, there is perhaps no better option than the beautiful country of China.

All in all, while there are many, many perks to moving to China, you must be aware of other aspects of the country before making such an important life decision. If you know of and are comfortable with its idiosyncrasies and the nuances of its culture, though, there is not much consider or be worried about.