Top Considerations for International Money Transfer to Mexico

While the internet has made transferring money easier and more user friendly than ever before, it’s still a complex process. This is especially true when you are transferring funds internationally. There are exchange rates to consider as well as identification and clearance procedures, all of which can make an international money transfer to Mexico seem complicated. Fortunately, Ria Money Transfer offers several unique benefits that make transferring money to Mexico simple, secure, and fast.

Ease of Use

Advanced technology has contributed to the evolution of currency and financial transactions. Convenient tools such as smartphone wallets and mobile P2P payments are extremely popular for good reason: They make it easy to exchange money instantly without the hassle of carrying cash and making physical exchanges for foreign currency.

When you want to send money to Mexico, whether you are sending a birthday gift or contributing to a charitable cause, you want the process to be quick and easy. A reliable money transfer service makes the process transparent, allowing you to see the exchange rate, transfer fee, and transaction time up front. A good company also allows multiple options for payment and receipt.

Transfer Time

How long does it take to send money online to Mexico? The answer depends on several factors:

  • Sending method (credit card, bank account, debit card)
  • Receiving method (cash pickup, delivery by courier, deposit to bank account)
  • Security review for transactions
  • Processing time of financial institutions

Generally, the fastest way to send money is to use a debit or credit card and have your recipient pick up cash at a designated location. Money transfers usually have to go through a review process first to verify user identity and availability of funds. The approval process for a money transfer usually takes one business day. Once the transfer has been reviewed and approved, credit and debit card transfers can process in as little as 15 minutes, and cash is usually available for pickup on the same day.

Delivery to Recipient

There are several available receipt options for an international money transfer to Mexico. You may prefer to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account. You can also have cash delivered by courier or sent to a convenient pickup location in Mexico.

Transfer Amount Limits

There are legal rules that govern how much money you can send to Mexico per day and per month. In most states, you can send up to $2,999.99 per money transfer in an individual day. Transfers are also limited to no more than $7,999 per 30 days. However, you may be able to send more money if you visit a Ria Money Transfer location and provide the necessary documentation to comply with Anti Money Laundering guidelines.

Transfer Fees

Another important consideration when you want to send money online to Mexico is the fees involved. In most cases, the exact cost will depend on the amount of money you are transferring and the delivery speed you choose. For example, sending money from your bank account is usually the least expensive option, but it takes the longest. Debit and credit card transfers happen more quickly but usually incur higher fees. You also have to take into account the current exchange rate.


Of course, one of the most important factors of an international money transfer to Mexico is related to financial security. You want to make sure your financial transaction is secure and your personal information is protected. Make sure the company you use for your money transfer has a long history of secure transactions and incorporates strong safety features.

Ria Money Transfer has been transferring money securely for over 25 years and utilizes several security measures, including Extended Validation SSL Certificates. The company’s security team uses advanced modeling to find potentially risky transactions. When you want to send money to Mexico, you can trust Ria Money Transfer to move your funds safely and quickly.